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25th May 2004
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The Athlete EP

According to XFM, Athlete are ones to watch out for in 2002. Considering that Athlete have been compared to Mercury Rev and Stevie Wonder, it’s disappointing to realise that their debut single, ‘Westside’ could easily be a Toploader b side.

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Although this has a credible lo-fi sound, the jaunty singalong style sounds like it was made for the Britpop era, not for 2002.

They do make good use of keyboard and guitar effects, but this single does nothing to make them stand out from the rest of the musical talent that the UK currently has on offer.


Out on Regal.

Review by Natalie Boxall

Track Listing
arrow Dungeness
arrow One Of Those Days

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I'll have to join in on the above. I think athlete have got a nice edge to their sound. Any band that uses synthesizer orchestra hits in their songs and shouts out "chorus" before the refrain is worthy of a full 10/10.
Jan Fagernas, Helsinki, Finland
Likewise all the reviews below, best single of the year so far without question. And we pay for people to make up cheap reviews like Natalie's? Oh Dear.
Olly, London
Natalie is WRONG - get another job, you don't seem to know anything about good music. Steve lamaq seems to rate this band, have a word with him. Athlete's EP is great and they deserve to go far.
Sam Bagot, Manchester
This single is easily one of the most promising of 2002 and deserves a much higher score. Having seen Athlete live on two occasions, I can say that they deserve to be massive. Did you honestly bother to listen to this track? This is the best single of the year and Athlete are one of the most promising bands to emerge onto the UK scene in a very long time. Having seen them live twice, they certainly put a lot more effort into their music than Natalie Boxall does into her reviews.
Paul, Wigan
your corporation is a joke and couldn't see genuine musical talent if it came along and slapped you around the chops. jokers. these boys should go far with or without the endorsement of the bbc.
Rob Coles, Newcastle
Top Loader B-side ... hmmm .... you sure someone didn't put your ears on back toi front this morning. This band is one of the freshest and most dynamic I've heard for a long time and yours is the first bad review I've read. Fire her BBC!
Adam, South London
I can't beleive that U don't rate this track! It is outstanding, a breath of fresh air compared to so much of the dross that's out there right now. This is certainly not a Britpop throw back - its too good for that. GO ATHLETE, GO!!
Guy Dickie, London
Are you insane? Athlete are nothing like Toploader. Westside is a great track that deserves to be successful.
Nick, Hillingdon, W London
Athlete's "Westside" rocks and deserves better than the 4/10 that your site gives them. Britpop? I don't think so. I'll stick to Xfm, who started their careers anyway 'cos they got airtime. BBC - know the score
Chris, Wallington
I disagree with the review of the Athlete single - Westside. I think this single is the freshest sound to come out of the indie scene in a long long time and what a beautiful tune it is too. The song gradually builds from a mellow start to a steady rock out. Fantastic. These guys are going to be massive, can't wait for the album.
Chris Taylor, Norfolk, UK

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