Department of Tamil Literature

Marina Campus, Chennai-600005, Telephone: 28444933 / 1686 / 1126, Fax: 28445517


The School of Tamil and Dravidian Languages consists of Departments of Tamil Literature, Tamil Language, Chair on Christian Tamil Literature, and Department of Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

The Department of Comparative Philology, Oriental Research Institute (ORI), University of Madras first began researches in Tamil in 1914. In 1927, a Separate Tamil Department was Established in the Institute. In 1930 the Tamil Department was further expanded. The Tamil Department specialized in Classical Tamil Literature, Folkore, Tirukkural Studies and Comparative Grammar. It published the much-reputed annals of Oriental Research and Tamil dictionary. The Department of Tamil was bifurcated into Departments of Tamil Literature and Tamil Language in 1980 - 81.

Since 1981, the Department of Tamil Literature specializes, in Literary Studies Grammatical Studies Linguistics Folkloristic, Translation Studies, Mass media, Comparative Literature and Tamil Diaspora to evolve holistic study of Tamil Culture. The department of Tamil Literature offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.d Programmes. The Department offers Diploma Course in Manuscriptlogy & Book Editing and Diploma Course in Folkloristic & Mass Media.

Thirukkural Research Unit (TRU) of the Tamilnadu Government Endowment scheme is also functioning under the aegis of this Department.


Diploma Course in Manuscriptology
Diploma Course in Mass Media & Folkloristics


Pavender Bharathidasan Endowment Lectureship
Tholkappiyar Endowment Lecture
Annai Saroiini Ninaivu Arakattalai Chorpozhivugal
Poet Patukottai Kalvanasundaram Endowment Lectureship
The Pammal Sambandha Mudaliar Memorial Endowment Lecture,
Prof N Subbu Reddiar & Tmt S.Chellapapa Ammal Lectureship
Dr. Tmt .Krittina Sanieevi & Tmt. Kannammal Natesan Lectureship
Mailai Seeni Venkataswamv Endowment Lecture
Thiru P. V. Das Endowment Lecture
The Professor Dr.N.Sanieevi Manivizha Endowment Lectureship
Bharatt Ratna Thiru C.Subramaniam Endowment Lecture
Professor Munaivar T.Muthu Kannappar Endowment Lecture
TamilagaMalavsia Tamil Uravu Endowment Lectureship / Seminar
The Kalki RKrishnamurthy Memorial Endowment Lectureship / Seminar
Poet Bharathiyar EndowmentLectureship/Seminar ( on Rotation Basis)
Professor, N.Subrahmanian Endowment Lecture On Rotation Basis


Dr. V.Arasu, Ph.D.
Professor and Head
Telephone: 24460932

Dr. K. Mohanraj, Ph.D.
Thirukkural Research Unit
Telephone: 25985732

Dr. Y.Manikandan, Ph.D

Dr. G. Palani, Ph.D

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