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'S.O.B.' lawyer validates his title

Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro, famous for his absurd and annoying television commercials, lives in Florida and has never tried a case in court.

What the hell?

It's one thing for Shapiro to advertise himself as "the meanest, nastiest S.O.B. in town," but its altogether different when that "town" is more than 1,000 miles away and when his clear ability to be mean and nasty has never actually been applied to a courtroom success or even an attempt.

It is gratifying to finally see the sometimes-sluggish sledgehammer of justice fall on one of it's biggest crackpot sons. After Shapiro was handed a $1.5 million malpractice/false advertising judgment by a State Supreme Court jury in Rochester, during a trial he didn't even attend, the world of law won a major victory over his dishonest and evidently corrupt reign over Central New York's airwaves.

Never again will the annoying taunts of "The Hammer" issue forth from televisions accidentally left on too long. No longer will the stench of corruption plague the commercial breaks of ER.

Shapiro was the man we all loved to hate, but now our love can be better spent hating something else, perhaps until it too succumbs to the mighty hand of justice.

Having been called "a malignancy on our system of justice" by Syracuse lawyer Robert Williams, Shapiro's firm is sure to suffer justly as he sits in Florida, $1.5 million poorer.

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