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My god. If this game had been released at the height of the PlayStation's popularity, there is no telling the damage it could have inflicted on the game industry. Just as the Atari VCS version helped accelerate the video game crash of 84, this one could have caused multi-media genocide, on par with the Hale-Bopp comet. Who greenlighted this project? Who even cares about E.T. at this point in time? The thing is like, twenty years old already. I admire Speilberg's restraint at not whoring out E.T. for a halfhearted sequel (but please make one for that adorable Batteries Not Included where everyone is beaten to death by New York gangs! I'm there!). But note to Speilberg: If you do make a sequel to E.T. in the next few months, make sure you get Will Ferrel to sing the Neil Diamond theme "Turn on Your Heart Light" along with Chris Kattan's gay Hitler. I will run to the theater to see that. That's right. I said "run".

The control is terrible, the story non-existent and the graphics are pretty bland and flat. E.T. looks like a Rodney Greenblat reject from Parappa the Rapper. Actually, E.T. really looks like the aborted baby-thing from Eraserhead. Great! Now I won't be able to sleep at night with that vision of that baby in my mind. Thank you Newkidco and David Lynch.

There is no reason for Newkidco to have made this game, and directly proportionate to that line of thinking, there is no reason for you to play it, unless you hate yourself. If that's the case, then play this one in the bathtub with the TV and the PlayStation submerged with you. And use an extension cord that is showing the bare wires. Don't even rent this for the kids, to give them a piece of nostalgia, they will just think you are stupid. And well, I can't argue with them there. The coolest thing you could do as a parent, is NOT rent or buy this game. Case closed.

System: PSX
Dev: Newkidco
Pub: Newkidco
Released: Jan 2002
Players: 1
Review by Vaughn