Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., Cambridge University

An internationally renowned research biologist and author, Dr. Sheldrake received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Cambridge University where he also was a Fellow at Clare College.  He received an appointment as a Frank Know Fellow at Harvard University where he conducted post-doctoral research in emerging fields of inquiry.  As a Fellow of the Royal Society and the International Crops Research Institute in Hyerabad, India, Dr. Sheldrake studied plant cell development. A widely published scholar, he has authored more than fifty papers in scientific journals, and numerous books including Pets Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, which was awarded The British Scientific and Medical Network Book of the Year Award.  In 2000, he was appointed the H. Burr Steinback visiting scholar at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (Ma.).  Dr. Sheldrake is currently a Fellow at The Institute of Noetic Sciences in San Francisco, Ca. His appointment as Academic Director of the Holistic Thinking program reflects The Institute's preeminent status as an institution that offers unique programs in emerging fields of inquiry.

James Longo, Ed.D., Art Education, Columbia University

Dr. Longo is a proponent of integrated learning and brings his expertise in the fields of art and the humanities to complement the perspectives of the scientific and mathematical focus of other faculty members. Dr. Longo is an accomplished creator of sculpture and paintings and has a long-standing interest in the dramatic arts.

Peter Concilio, C.A.S., Fairfield University

A long-time teacher of English and leader of young adults in the ways of language and the creation of meaning, Mr. Concilio brings a quiet vitality to the work of The Institute.  From his special insights and perspectives about film and film literature, and as a dévoté of the analysis and synthesis of meaning as it emerges from film, he is a gifted critic of both text and filmic literature.

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