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When have you experienced and effectively handled reverse discrimination?

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Legally married couples versus gay/lesbian couples

Name: Carolyn Huskey
Email: carolynhuskey@hotmail.com
Date: 27 Dec 2001
Time: 18:21:43
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Hello, I am a first time visitor/writer here. I am desperate for help. In August of 2000 I began working for a medical supply company, 3 weeks later I was able to get my boyfriend on. We both started as 'temps'. I was hired in October 2000. He was promised to be hired by the end of the year. We were to be married in March 2001. We were told that if he wasnt hired by then, he would have to remain a temp because they could not hire married couples. Promises after promises went by and come March, he still was not hired. We questioned management, whom constantly avoided giving us any answers. Our concern was that a lesbian couple who also works here were both hired on as permanent employees and both moved into 'Lead' positions. When we inquired about that, we were told that because their relationship is not recognized in the courts, they are not considered a couple. I am so tired of hearing that. Recognized or not, they are still a couple. They have worked side by side for a year and a half. My husband and I werent allowed to speak to each other at work, even about something job related. They have sexual harrassment complaints filed against them, we do not. Why are they allowed to work here, next to each other with complaints like that filed against them? My husband was fired in November 2001. When I asked for a reason my supervisor told me that it was 'convenient'. He was fired because we raised a stink about the situation here and I'll always believe that. In fact, he was hurt in October in a job related accident that was not his fault. He was not released to go back to work until Dec. 7th, but he was fired in November. Go figure. Now, no one is hiring and he has been without a job or pay for a month. The lesbian couple is still working side by side. At one time the company was going to make them work in different departments due to employee complaints. The couple called the corporate office and said they were discriminating against them because they were lesbian.....obviously, they were not split up. I am sick to death of this situation and I feel helpless. Is there anything that can be done? This is plain and fourthwright discrimination against a straight couple in my eyes. If a company is going to hire couples....fine.....hire all types.......if not, then dont hire any types.......recognized in the court or not. Is there anyone who has experienced this before out there that can help me? Please e-mail me or respond in the forum. I am most thankful for any help!

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