T.J. Hooker - Walk a Straight Line

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Episode Number33
First AiredNovember 5, 1983
Production Code181642
WriterRick Kelbaugh
DirectorCliff Bole
Guest Stars: Vincent Baggetta (as Detective Sam Dietrich) Belinda Montgomery (as Laura Dietrich [as Belinda J. Montgomery]) Ron Joseph (as Detective Tony Fernandez) Mitch Carter (as "Cowboy" Lester Sayles) Ned Bellamy (as Carl Buddinger) Maurice Emmanuel (as Pinwheel) Forest Shirley (as Milo Pie)

  Synopsis Contribute Edit
When an undercover armed robbery stake-out is bungled, leaving a cop wounded in hospital, Hooker becomes concerned that a veteran cop's heavy drinking was the cause of the stake-out's failure. As he hunts for the armed robbers who are targeting night-clubs, Hooker becomes more and more worried that his fellow officer is an alcoholic, and is not only endangering police operations, but himself and everyone around him...

  Notes Contribute Edit
  • For those with sharp hearing, this episode is the first to use a slight variation on the opening theme to the one we've already heard this season. (They're practically identical, the main difference being different drum rolls and a *very slightly* different ending).
    This became the standard version of the theme to be used on the opening credits.
  • When shown in the United Kingdom, this was 1985's most watched episode of the series, clocking up 12.4 million viewers on it's original broadcast on Saturday 12th January (ITV; 7:45 p.m.)

  •   Quotes Contribute Edit
    Hooker tackles Lester off the boardwalk at the marina and they go straight into the water.

    Lester: "I can't swim! I can't swim!"
    Hooker: "Here! Let me help you!"

    To which Hooker punches him out.

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