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Monday, May 31st, 2004
Someone ask for schedules?
Posted by Othell Moore
6:40 PM
Even though I only got a few requests for schedules to be done I went ahead and did them. The map is veil if anyone was wondering.

The poll for the next map is still up and will remain so for the remainder of the week.

Thursday, May 27th, 2004
Week 3 - Delay 1 Week for Memorial Day
Posted by Othell Moore
11:56 AM
Well, as everyone is probably aware we are delaying Week 3 for 1 Week because of Memorial Day.

Along with this one week break a couple of changes have been made. The server config file has been updated. mp_consistency is now set to 1 ( so makes sure all your models and sprites are default! ). Crosshairs are not affected by this change and are LEGAL to change if so desired, but anything affected by mp_consistency is NOT legal to change.

Along with the server config file, the HLTV has just been generally updated. So download it as well. I expect all clans to be using the latest configs next week for Week 3.

I do apologize for this tardiness of this post. I am adjusting rather slowly to this whole getting up for work at 8am thing. Now I realize why I decided to get a Masters degree instead of heading out into the real world yet. Believe it or not, I can't wait for the Fall semester to start up again and I'll be able to get back to my regular sleeping schedule ( Wake up @ 11am & Hit the sack @ 3am ). Now I'm just coming home from my job and feeling like a zombie ( one note about this though, this is not a valid excuse for Brad... He must continue to work his 60+ hour weeks and with no complaining ).

That is all!

Schedules will be up soon enough.

Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
Week 2 - Eclipse
Posted by Othell Moore
7:56 PM
I think I forgot to mention yesterday that schedules went up. I must be slacking!

The winning map for Week 3 is Veil. Be sure to start voting for Week 4's map now.

If there are any questions, just find us on IRC.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
Posted by Othell Moore
12:07 AM
Are up. Enjoy.

I apologize to FFT and Stormtroopers, but two teams had to have a BYE and the system picked them. Feel special.

Monday, May 10th, 2004
Season 3 Updates
Posted by Othell Moore
6:40 AM
Ok guys... Schedules will be up shortly, but until then I thought I should inform everyone of a couple changes for this season.

The first change concerns our three divisions. At the start of pre-season we thought we had enough clans to keep three divisions active. Unfortunately Delta has had a few problems and we cannot keep it at this time. So until we have enough clans to place in Delta once more, we will be merging Delta and Gamma. They will both keep the Gamma name. At the end of this season we hope to be able to bring Delta back. The good news is that We have a lot of new clans this season and many of them should do well in Omega. If they do well enough, we'll move them up, thus increasing the possibility of splitting Gamma for next Season.

The other change is just to have a little fun. Each week we will have a poll with all of the unplayed maps. At the end of the week, the map with the most votes will be played two weeks from then. This means that the map that wins at the end of Week 1 will be played for Week 3. After a map has been played once, it will not be played again during the regular season.

Also, as a general reminder... This week CD should be set on required mode. Everyone should have CD installed on their servers and all players should be running the CD client on their PCs.

Like I said, schedules will be up in a bit.

If there are any questions, just ask us in IRC or email me:
Sunday, May 2nd, 2004
Pre-Season week 2
Posted by Bradford James Ralph
7:22 PM
Map is Ayumi.
If you forfeited, you didn't get scheduled.
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
CheatingDeath and MetaMod
Posted by Othell Moore
2:03 PM
No Comments
If there are any server operators having issues getting CD to work without MetaMod, then you have permission to install MetaMod to get CD to work.

No plugins other than CD should be running during a CAL match. This requirement will be strictly enforced.
Sunday, April 25th, 2004
Season 3 - Pre-Season Has Arrived
Posted by Othell Moore
10:15 AM
Well, it is now Pre-Season for Season 3 and boy do we have some changes!

The first one everyone should know about already. We will be requiring CD this season. For Pre-Season CD will need to be in optional mode so that everyone can become familiar with it ( its not difficult to use either ). All teams should be sure that CD is installed on their servers and that their members have installed the client.

The other major change is a re-distribution of the divisions. We have created a third division: Gamma. Gamma will be for those middle-tier clans that have proven themselves in Omega but are not quite ready for Delta.

Delta Teams:
Bacon Men
Damage Networks
evolution Revolution
Infinite Reverence
Keep That Donkey Moving ( another Euro team & NEW! )
Unnatural Evolution

Gamma Teams:
Blatant Aimbot Hacks
Brotherhood of Steel
Complex Bling
Darwins Law
idependent Riot ( NEW! )
Orion Strategic Stormtroopers
Team Animosity
Twilight Eclipse

Omega Teams:
Battery ( NEW! )
C4 ( NEW! )
Chaos Legion ( NEW! )
Clan Eternity ( NEW! )
Crosseyed Lerks ( NEW! )
CTan Nightbringers ( NEW! )
Fraggers United
Full Metal Jacket
ICP ( NEW! )
Ninja Space Pirates ( NEW! )
Second Infantry Division ( NEW! )
SpyderS ( NEW! )
Storm Troopers of Death
Supa Mad Killas
Tactical Killing Squad
The Obsidian Order
Veni Vidi Vici
Warm N Fuzzy ( NEW! )
Weapons of Mass Destruction ( NEW! )
Yo Comm Shotgun Please

Whew! Lots of typing and lots of new teams!

Ok, schedules are also up. One change to Pre-Season this time around. We will be doing two weeks of Pre-Season play. This week we will be trying out the new map ns_delta! You can get it here:

Since this is Pre-Season there may be a few no shows for matches, so I encourage all teams to contact their opponents throughout the week. If anyone knows that their opponent will not be able to play, please be sure to contact either us immediately so that we can attempt to schedule you against someone else.

If there are any questions or if you do not see your team in this list, please find either Brad or myself on IRC in #caleague-ns or you can email me directly:


PS: Othell forgot to add we will be playing beta4 - Brad
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
Season 3 Next Week
Posted by Othell Moore
1:27 PM
That's right! Season 3 Pre-Season will start next week with matches scheduled for May 1.

We're still working out the division placement at this time, but that will be posted within the next few days.

The major part of this news post, however, is that we will be requiring Cheating Death for Season 3. This means that all server admins will need to install CD on the servers. Every team member will need to download the CD client and install it as well.

Cheating Death can be obtained here:

Pre-Season will be a trial run for CD. It will not be set in required mode, but it is still required to be installed and running in optional mode on the servers and all players are strongly advised to already have CD up and running for Pre-Season as well.

If there are any questions I can be reached via email or IRC in #caleague-ns.
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
Season 2 Complete
Posted by Othell Moore
2:40 AM
Wow! What a week.

First we had Negative and TMM facing off with both teams coming out with a win for the first set of 2. After a small break the teams got right back into the action, with Negative coming out on top with 2 straight wins. Negative over TMM: 3-1.

Congratulations to Negative with the Season 2 Omega Title!

Then we had Exigent and Pandas battling it out for the Delta title. Throughout the season both teams performed great, but Exigent proved too much for Pandas to handle and pulled a straight 2-0 win. Exigent over Pandas: 2-0.

Congratulations to Exigent with the Season 2 Delta Title!

In the next few days expect another post with details about Season 3. We got a couple of changes that I'm sure everyone will find acceptable. If you're a new team wishing to join in on the fun, please follow the directions to the right under Features to be scheduled. For all the old teams, I will schedule everyone that was active at the end of Season 2 unless told otherwise.

Until then... GL & HF.
Sunday, April 4th, 2004
Season 2 Finals
Posted by Bradford James Ralph
9:20 PM
No Comments
The season ends this week with TMM vs Negative for the Omega championship, and Exigent vs Pandas for Delta. The brackets are updated and the schedules are posted with only 2 matches this week.

After the finals are played the league will be taking a short break then resuming with season 3's preseason. We have some changes in store for next season so stay posted.
Monday, March 29th, 2004
Playoffs - Round 2
Posted by Othell Moore
11:58 PM
Schedules are up and the brackets have been updated. FFT probably deserves a round of applause for bringing out the win by taking out the #1 seed.

Once again everyone not in a playoff match has been scheduled ( except for a BYE in both Delta and Omega ).

Saturday, March 27th, 2004
NS BYOC @ Summer CPL in Dallas
Posted by Bradford James Ralph
12:51 PM
As most of you probably know there is going to be a BYOC event for NS at the summer CPL in Dallas. If you are interested in going you need to sign up quickly as the BYOC spots are not reserved for NS only, and are going very fast.

Solarcurve of #tau is running the event and has put up a page with information about it.

To register for a CPL-BYOC go here and register. A BYOC spot costs $80 and a 'spectator' spot costs $20. Either way come support NS!

Some quick info about the event:
What. BYOC event for NS with possible prizes
When. July 28th - Aug. 1st
Where. Gaylord Texan Resort - 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, Texas
Who. Run by TAU|Solarcurve - currently 30+ people signed up
Monday, March 22nd, 2004
Schedules Posted
Posted by Othell Moore
9:46 AM
I meant to do it this weekend, but as it happens more than I like, myself and Time were unable to cooperate. However, an agreement was worked out today and schedules are the result.

Playoffs will be simple. Regular rules apply for determining a winner. Should a tie occur during Rounds 1 & 2 of the playoffs, then the higher ranked team gets the choice of race for the tie-breaker round. The winner of the tie-breaker round will continue on. The final round will be the same as last season: teams will play until a clear winner has been decided with a 2-0 victory. If there are any questions on this you may ask Brad or I for clarification.

All teams not in playoffs have been scheduled if possible. These are real matches and I expect clans to play as I will be basing the starting clans next season on participation this season. If your team is not scheduled it probably has to do with your lack of participation during Week 8; you may message either Brad or myself and if possible we will try to schedule you.

Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
Season 2 Playoffs
Posted by Othell Moore
3:39 PM
Its hard to beleive but we have completed the regular season for Season 2. So now we have playoffs upon us. I will be making the actual schedules in the system within the next couple of days, but until then here are the brackets:

Also, all teams not in playoffs will be scheduled as well.
Saturday, March 6th, 2004
Week 8 Schedules - Omega
Posted by Brad R
2:22 PM
1 Comment
They're up. G'luck to all teams fighting for playoff spots.

On a side note, I found this amusing.
Saturday, March 6th, 2004
Week 8 Matches - Delta
Posted by Michael Boeckelmann
11:46 AM
all matches are up. osm has been given a bye week due to uneven number of teams. gl to all.
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
ns_nancy Updated - Official CAL version here
Posted by Othell Moore
9:50 PM
Ok, it appears that nancy has a few problems that were of concern. The guy in charge was kind enough to fix those and has given us an updated version of nancy that is to be used with CAL until beta 4 is released.

So everyone, including server ops, should download this file and use it for matches ( if they have not been played thus far ).
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
Week 7: Schedules Done ( Updated )
Posted by Othell Moore
1:46 AM
Brad has successfully put up Week 7 schedules. There may be a change in the next day after tonight's matches have finalized.

This week we have Knights of the Immortal Realm and Team Push joining us. Please welcome them to Omega.

Delta schedules have now been posted as well. Bacon Men get their first ( and only ) BYE for the season this week. Let us know if there are any problems.
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
Tournament Semi-finals and Finals
Posted by Jared Newell
10:49 AM
Here it is:

KIR vs Exigent
pandas vs cX

ROUND 4: PULSE for boundaries
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