Convention Speakers
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(This is just a partial list of already confirmed speakers – more are “in the works” so check back again for additions.)


Click on the name for bio:

Stephen Baskerville

Joseph Bast

Bob Barr

John Berthoud

Neal Boortz

James Bovard

Harry Browne

Dean Cameron

Jerry Cameron

Ray Carr

Dick Cheatham

John Clifton

Preston Coleman, Ph.D.

Michael Colley

Fred Collins

Tom Cox

Barbara Goushaw

Judge Jim Gray

Sharon Harris

Barry Hess

Ken Krawchuk

Karen Kwiatkowski

Jim Lark

Andy LeCureaux

Richard Mack

Willy Star Marshall

Carl Milsted

David Nolan

Ron Paul

Carl Pope

Mary Ruwart

D. Eric Schansberg, Ph.D.

Ed Thompson

Charlotte Twight

See Special Events for info on Concert musicians; also see brief bios of Fred Collins and Barbara Goshaw under the "Libertarian Victory School" also under Special Events.

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