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Since I consider it probably the most important essay I have written thus far here, I am going to leave this post toward the top of the blog for the next week or so, in hopes of encouraging some more people to take a look at it. Below are the links to the seven parts of the essay entitled, "I Accuse: To Those Who Pave the Way for the New Fascism," together with a brief description of the subject matter of each section. As I said at the beginning of Part IVA:

Throughout this discussion, my emphasis has been on one major theme, which I will repeat again: a policy of aggressive foreign intervention, coupled with lengthy periods of foreign occupation, is an integral, necessary and key part of the program of the New Fascists. Let me put this theme in other terms: it is impossible to understand our current foreign policy in isolation, and to analyze its purposes and goals ripped out of the context of the entire system in which it took root, and in which it was nurtured. The roots of that foreign policy have now produced an enormous plant -- one with lengthy tendrils which reach into every corner of our domestic economy, and which simultaneously reach overseas to almost every corner of the globe. The very nature of this international corporate statism profoundly distorts everything it touches: an accurate assessment of genuine threats to our security; a determination of the most efficient, and least intrusive, methods of eliminating those threats; and the overall health of our economy, to name just a few.

Here, then, are the individual parts of the essay:

Part I: dealing with the actual nature of the political program of the Bush Administration, and contrasting it with the unjustified praise heaped on Bush, even by some libertarians and Objectivists.

Part II: concerning the rise of the New Right in the 1980s, particularly with a view toward setting forth its ideology and policy goals as they foreshadowed the Bush Administration's policies today.

Part III: about the internationalization of corporate statism, and the centrality of this phenomenon to what is now happening in the world -- both generally, and particularly in connection with the manner in which we are conducting the war on terror.

Part IVA: discussing another aspect of the New Fascism, this time on the domestic front, especially with regard to the amalgam of big business interests and governmental power, and how that unholy alliance is in the process of being perfected by means of the lobbying industry.

Part IVB: concerning some general analytical difficulties with regard to the current global crisis, together with a discussion of the false alternative underlying much of the contemporary debate.

Part IVC: analyzing the true nature of our terrorist enemies, and their genuine impotence if they were deprived of the aid and assistance provided by the West, with the historical example of the Soviet Union used to shed some light on this frequently overlooked issue.

Part IVD, Conclusion: concerning certain cultural factors relevant to the war on terrorism, and concluding with some suggestions on how best to protect ourselves from the terrorist threat in a manner which does not grow out of, and further enhance, the power and reach of the New Fascism, and of corporate statism.

I hope you will take some time to read my analysis, or those parts that might particularly interest you. And I welcome emails commenting about any and all aspects of this, and will be happy to post interesting responses here on the blog, even (or perhaps especially) if they challenge and disagree with my own views, in whole or in part.

Posted by: Arthur Silber on Aug 10, 2003 | 3:50 pm


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