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More Tekken 5 Details Emerge
By Bryan Dawson -- Staff Writer
Published 12:48 AM CDT, May 29, 2004

The most anticipated fighting game of the year, just got that much better. Find out what's new.

Thanks to an interview in the upcoming issue of Arcadia Magazine in Japan, and our trusty friends over at Tekken Zaibatsu, new information on Tekken 5 has been revealed. Some of what we already suspected has been confirmed, while other new bits of information have surfaced.

While we originally assumed Kuma would be a playable character due to his inclusion at the end of the E3 trailer, the developers have confirmed that he will be a time released character. In addition the new Jack has been officially dubbed, Jack-5. If you're wondering what happened to Jack-3 and Jack-4, it's safe to say that P-Jack and GunJack have taken those numbers.

Continuing with more characters, it has now been confirmed that 30 or 31 characters will round out the Tekken 5 roster once all of the time released characters have been revealed. We already know of 21 characters, and now we can share with you another five. Bruce Irvin and Anna Williams will be returning to the Tekken lineup, in addition to a character using the fighting style of Sumo Wrestling. This may or may not be Ganryu from previous Tekken titles. In addition, Eddy Gordo will make a return appearance. We do not currently know if he will once again be a palette swap for Christie Monteiro or if he'll have his own set of attacks and a separate square on the character select screen.

Rounding out the character discussion is the confirmation that Heihachi Mishima is not dead. You heard correctly, despite his apparent death in the E3 trailer, Namco will be bringing back the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu for yet another tournament. It is unknown whether or not he'll be the Heihachi we all know and love, or if he'll be changed due to the explosion or possibly the Devil Gene mentioned in the Tekken 4 storyline.

A few new gameplay elements have also been revealed. At least some of the stages in Tekken 5 will be infinite like the stages in Tekken Tag Tournament. So far we have seen several stages with walls, but it's difficult to determine if these stages were completely enclosed or not. Nevertheless, infinite stages will be making a return. In addition, the wall push has been removed in favor of the standard throw system used in previous Tekken titles.

Namco is also attempting to make Tekken 5 less realistic than Tekken 4. The developers used the example of lasers and fire attacks such as the ones used by Devil and True Ogre in Tekken Tag Tournament. Does this mean both characters will be returning to the lineup? Anything is possible, but neither character is confirmed yet.

Last, but certainly not least, Namco has confirmed a custom color mode similar to Virtua Fighter 4. Presumably, Namco will use a card system like Sega did with VF4 in the arcades, but that is not currently known. An example of the character customization can be seen by agile viewers of the E3 trailer. Christie Monteiro is shown in two slightly different outfits. One looks almost identical to her Tekken 4 outfit, while the other simply adds a bandana.

It appears as though Tekken 5 will be addressing almost all of the complaints players had with Tekken 4, while taking the series back to the gameplay style of Tekken Tag Tournament. In fact, there have been several rumors circulating that a tag feature would also be reintroduced in Tekken 5. We'll have more information on Tekken 5 in the coming months.
» Bryan Dawson  

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