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Free Massive Multiplayer

Xenocide 3001 is an online, free, browser based, multiplayer game. This means that you play the game using only your favourite browser. We are beta testing the game. Register if you are new or login if you already have an account.

Next Game:

There are currently no more games planned.

Registered players will be emailed in due time if a new round should come to pass.

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Xenocide Special

   Cartoon by Systemhckr

Previous Games:

Mar 26, 2004Beta Round 4.4 endedFinal Results
Dec 19, 2003Beta Round 4.3 endedFinal Results
Oct 24, 2003Beta Round 4.2 endedFinal Results
Aug 2, 2003Beta Round IV endedFinal Results
Apr 10, 2003Beta Round III endedFinal Results
Dec 13, 2002Beta Round 2.2 endedFinal Results
Oct 13, 2002Rapid Round I endedFinal Results
Sep 29, 2002Beta Round 2.0 endedFinal Results

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