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Independent Consultants Network

The Independent Consultants Network is an organization of printing/publishing industry consultants who work with the IDEAlliance to provide services for members and to support IDEAlliance Communities of Practice, Standards Working Groups and Distance Education activitites.

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Lisa Bos Really Strategies' mission is to help publishers use technology wisely. Huge opportunities exist for publishers to leverage their content into new and improved electronic and print products. Strategizing an approach to meet these opportunities can be a daunting task. Today, an overwhelming amount of tools and options for managing content exist. Really Strategies staff are "Content Engineers" who can wear both editorial and information technology hats to help publishers make choices based on business needs and implement solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Linda Burman L. A. Burman Associates provides XML Strategies, Business Development, Tools Analysis, Market Research, Marketing Programs and XML Training
Chris Carruthers TextAlchemy Inc. provides SGML and XML consulting services including document analysis and DTD development; OmniMark programming services including development of conversion scripts to and from SGML or XML, OmniMark code reviews, OmniMark technical support.
Craig Cline Mindshare Strategies - company info coming soon.
Arthur Colman

Drybridge Consulting offers XML consulting and system integration services that make it possible for the paper, printing, and publishing industries to rapidly deploy connections between trading partners.


Ron Daniel Taxonomy Strategies is an information management consultancy that specializes in applying taxonomies, metadata, automatic classification, and other information retrieval technologies to the needs of business.
Charles F. Goldfarb Information Management Consulting offers Strategic Consulting, Executive Seminars and Briefings.
Charlie Halpern-Hamu  Ph. D Incremental Development, Inc. concentrates on the structuring of text and surrounding business processes with an emphasis on simplicity and skill transfer.
G. Ken Holman

Crane Softwrights Ltd. provides SGML and XML Consulting, DSSSL and XSL/XSLT Training and Support, OmniMark Programming Services.

Debbie LaPeyre &
B. Tommie Usdin
Mulberry Technologies provides SGML and XML design, development, and training specializing in: document analysis; DTD construction, testing, and verification; documentation; and customized training for programmers, managers, and writers.
Joe Lubenow Lubenow and Associates specializes in international address standardization, postal presort optimization and XML standards-based systems development, and offers executive briefings and strategic consulting on new developments in the mailing industry.
Joseph McConnel Software Process Systems provides expert consulting to publishers and aggregators in all aspects of content interchange and repurposing; software developers use us to development requirements and to help rationalize engineering, documentation, QA, and release procedures.
Mary McRae Document Management Solutions, Inc. (DMSi) offers a full range of consulting, integration, optimization and training services for professionals challenged with designing and implementing XML based content management solutions.
Alan G. Moore Impact Workflow Solutions, Inc., is an integrator of cutting-edge technologies aimed at improving efficiencies and reducing costs in all data-intensive industry workflows. Impact provides solutions that include developing technologies involving compression, digital asset management, content management services for distribution of assets across wide area networks, and security and verification.
Dave Peterson SGMLWorks! offers services for SGML/XML design, specializing in: DTD design, fonts and glyphs, and grove theory.
Bruce Rosenblum Founded in 1992, Inera is focused on providing sophisticated editorial and production solutions for the publishing marketplace. Inera's product suite, eXtyles, is an integrated set of editorial and XML tools for Microsoft Word that automates editorial and XML production processes. It streamlines molding Word documents into a corporate editorial and visual style, and exporting Word documents to rich XML. eXtyles uses Intelligent Pattern Recognition to automatically identify and markup XML elements and automate tedious manual content editing.
Val Scansaroli Company info coming soon.
David Sidman Content Directions Inc. is a DOI Registration Agency and Internet services firm dedicated exclusively to implementing and promoting the use of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI provides a unique, permanent link between any type of digital information´┐Żincluding text, music, photos, video, software and databases´┐Żand the web site of the creators who own that information.
Ed Tenthoff Management Plus, Inc. provides consulting to define and develop supply-chain trading partner relationships and communications. We can, for instance, support the exploration between business partners on how to use XML supply chain messaging to redesign and improve business interfaces and electronic communications. Our personnel have been at the forefront of the supply chain enhancement movement, and have participated in XML standards committees for book manufacturing. We have developed pioneering systems that actually work, and saved money. We can do the same for you.
Brian Travis Architag is a consulting and training organization. At Architag our vision is to educate our students and clients in the latest developments in electronic business technologies. This includes standards-based publishing, Web Services, SGML/XML, and intelligent structured information design and implementation. We use the latest tools and techniques to solve our clients' e-business needs.
Dale Waldt aXtive minds delivers high-quality XML & related training at your location. Our succinct courses, combined with effective exercises, delivered on your site provides the best training value for your organization with the minimum cost and time away form the office for attendees. We also perform other services including data analysis, DTD/Schema design, and system design development.
Peter Welke Welke Customs Brokers Ltd. delivers a range of customs and logistics services to help our customers be more competitive. Our aim is to make the international shipping and clearance process as effective, seamless and worry-free as possible. Our Company was established with the mandate to provide high-quality personalized service at very competitive rates. This remains the fundamental principle driving our company. We take a proactive approach to our clients needs.
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