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Jon Katz on Media

In the brave new world of Web media, three years is a very long run.

Mine is over with this column, at least on HotWired.

When I first began writing in this space, it was as part of Netizen, meant to be the political arm of the digital revolution, a free-wheeling, high-spirited encounter with the 1996 presidential campaign. Since then, HotWired has been reborn more times than a circuit-riding preacher in the Bible Belt.

It was inevitable that sooner or later its executives would come up with a redesign that didn't fit comfortably with an oddball like me. The surprising thing is that it didn't happen sooner.

But you can't spin geeks, so there's no point in trying: The site is reinventing itself once again, focusing sharply and perhaps wisely on the news, art, and technologies of the Web, and a wide-ranging media/culture/geek column doesn't belong here anymore.


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