Philosophy of Science and the Impossibility of Epistemological "Neutrality" and "Objectivity"
(Especially Within Materialist or Logical Positivist Presuppositional Frameworks)

Edited by Dave Armstrong


I. William P. Alston: What Is Naturalism, That We Should Be Mindful of It?
II. Dave Armstrong: Atheist and Christian Presuppositions and "Dogmatism"
III. Dallas Willard: Knowledge and Naturalism
IV. Michael Polanyi: The Structure of Consciousness
V. Michael Polanyi: Transcendence And Self-Transcendence
VI. Michael Polanyi: The Stability Of Beliefs
VII. Michael Polanyi: Philosophy of Science Website Article
VIII. Charles E. Hummel: Michael Polanyi and "Personal Knowledge"
IX. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Stephen Thornton): Sir Karl R. Popper
X. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (John Preston): Paul Feyerabend
XI. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (A.D. Irvine): Alfred North Whitehead
XII. John Henry Newman: Christianity and Physical Science
XIII. Thomas S. Kuhn: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
XIV. Edwin A. Burtt: The Doctrine of Positivism
XV. Thomas S. Kuhn: Scholastic Theology and the Copernican Revolution

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