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( North Bridge Chipset )
Integrated SiS Real256E Graphic Solution for AMD Athlon™ XP FSB333

SiS741GX Overview
The SiS 741GX IGUI Host Memory Controller integrates a high performance host interface for AMD Athlon™ XP, a high performance 2D/3D Graphic Engine, a high performance memory controller, and AGP 8X interface, and SiS MuTIOL ® 1G Technology connecting w/ SiS 963L /SiS964 MuTIOL ® Media IO.

The SiS741GX chipset features a SiS Real256E GPU, an AGP-8X port, and a Shared Memory Architecture DDR-333 unified memory controller, supporting AMD Athlon™ XP microprocessors series with FSB up to 333MHz. It also integrates a high performance 2.7GB/s DDR333 Memory controller to sustain the bandwidth demand from the integrated GUI or external AGP master, host processor, as well as the multi I/O masters. The integrated Real256E GPU features a 256 bit 3D, & a 128 bit 2D Graphics engine, a video accelerator, a MPEG1/II motion compensation decoder, and a video link (Muxed with AGP port) to support the TV-out & digital flat panel. In addition to integrated GUI, SiS741GX also can support external AGP slot with AGP 4X/8X capability and Fast Write Transactions.

SiS MuTIOL ® technology is developed into three layers, the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer delivering 1.2 GB/s bandwidth to connect embedded DMA Master devices and external PCI masters to interface to Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer, the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS 963L /SiS964 to transfer data with 1GB/s bandwidth from/to Multi-Threaded I/O Link Layer to/from SiS741, and the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS741 to transfer data with 1GB/s from/to memory sub-system to/from the Multi-Threaded I/O Link Encoder/Decoder in SiS 963L /SiS964.


SiS741GX key features

CPU Supported
- Support AMD Athlon™ / XP CPU
- Support FSB 333MHz

Memory controller
- Suppor highest 3 DDR333/266 DIMMs,provide bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s.
- Highest up to 3GB Moemory size.
- Support STR(Suspend-to-RAM)

Integrated A.G.P. Compliant Target/66MHz Host-to-PCI Bridge
- Universal AGP v3.5, DirectX v8.1 Compliant
- Supports AGP 8X/4X Interface w/ Fast Write Transaction

Integrated Ultra256 2D/3D Graphics
- Built-in a High Performance 256-bit 3D Engine
- Support Digital Video Interface for TV or LCD Display
- Share Memory Size 32MB and 64MB

SiS Ultra-AGPII™ Technology
- Successor of Ultra-AGPII™ Technology and double the bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s with DDR333

SiS964 MuTIOL® Media I/O

SiS MuTIOL 1G Delivering 1GB/s Bandwidth
- Proprietary Interconnect between SiS741GX and SiS964
- Bi-Directional 16 bit Data Bus at 533MHz Operating Frequency

Integrated Serial Host Controller
- Provide 2 independent ports for SATA
- compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 Specification with Ultra DMA 150

Support up to 8 USB 2.0/1.1 Ports

Fast Ethernet/Home Networking Controller with MII Interface

Support 6 Channels AC'97 v2.3 and V.90 Software Modem

Advanced Power Management:ACPI 1.0b and APM 1.2 Compliant

Dual IDE Channels with ATA 133/100

Support Up to 6 PCI Masters

LPC 1.1 Interface

Integrated Keyboard/PS2 Mouse Controller

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
CPU supported AMD Athlon XP FSB 333 MHz.
DDR333 support Support Maximum Memory Bandwidth 2.7G /B.
MuTIOL 1G® technology Proprietary Interconnect between SiS741 and SiS964 SiS MuTIOL® 1G deliver 1GB/s bandwidth.
8X AGP upgrade flexibility Make system performance upgrade and user's facilitation. Support Maximum AGP interface bandwidth 2.1GB/s.Backwards compatible with AGP 4X.
SiS Ultra-AGPII™ Technology Successor of Ultra-AGPII™ Technology and double the bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s with DDR333.
High performance 256Bit 3D/128Bit 2D Graphic Engine -2 pixel rendering pipelines and 4 texture units per cycle (2P4T).
- Advanced Hardware Acceleration for DVD playback.
- Share Memory Size 32MB and 64MB
Dual 12-bit DDR Digital Interface for Digital LCD/TV-OUT support - NSC/PAL TV-OUT.
- LCD Monitor.
- Dual view function support for LCD-TV,LCD-CRT or CRT-TV.
ATA133 enhancement Fastest storage support. Increasing data/file transfer rate.
SATA-150 enhancement Fastest storage support. Increasing data/file transfer rate.
AC97 Controller Hollywood 3D stereo enriches audio surrounding with up to six channels.
Integrated Communication Controller for LAN or HPNA use - MII interface used for 10/100Mbps LAN or 1/10Mbps HomePNA function.
- Reaching cost-effective solution and design elasticity.
Integrated USB2.0 Controllers Up to eight ports, achieving real legacy free systems.


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