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No Matter Who Wins an Election, You Still Lose
Why Voting Sucks!
by Wolf Knight
Contrary to popular opinion, I always have a "voice" regardless of whether or not I vote. To counter the oft-quoted "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain.", I say that if someone put the lying scumbag in office, then HE is the one who should keep his mouth shut. By not voting, I actually achieve more than the millions of sheeple could ever hope to accomplish. Why, you ask?
First of all, let's take a look at the utter fallacy of the concepts of democracy and voting. Of course, I lump the two of these together because they are pretty much synonymous.
Suppose that there was a simple vote being taken on the issue of whether or not theft is ethical. If 51% of the people voted that armed robbery was okay, does that make the 49% "minority" wrong even though they voted that theft is unethical? It may not seem fair, and believe it or not, it isn't. In any instance of voting, however, the validity of the issue is moot. No matter what the dispute is over, the "majority" is always right, and the "minority" is always wrong, even if the "majority" voted in favor of something which you found appalling.
In the context of Presidential elections and to put it quite simply, voting is nothing more than a head count. It proves nor accomplishes nothing other than giving politicians their so-called "legitimacy" and an excuse to lord it over their subjects. Consider even further that it is the ELECTORAL vote, and not the public vote which determines who becomes supreme ruler of the
United States. Isn't it nice to know that Congress can override the arbitrary decision of the "majority" based on the whims of your friendly State Representatives and Senators, the ratio of blues to grays in the House and Senate, and/or other niggling factors?
Secondly, by not voting, I am assuming responsibility for myself and my life. Much to the chagrin of many State-worshipping dolts and the organized mafia of lawyers, politicians, and armed thugs to do their bidding, I am hardly affected by what goes on in the political arena. Sans a few exceptions, how is it I'm affected by so-called "laws" which I have no use for or obey, and a "government" that I don't even acknowledge?
I fail to see how being an individual and responsible for my own life and affairs is detrimental to myself. I'm sorry, but I don't need some monolithic bureaucracy to do my thinking for me or to tell me what to do. I know better than to steal from others, exploit people, harm them physically for any reason other than self defense, etc. The only "laws" I need are those that are in my heart, and I have no wish to continue a vicious cycle of tyranny and theft by voting. Also, I need not raise my hands against the bureaucratic idol to topple it. I do more than adequate damage by simply refusing to hold it up like the rest of the herd. I have no need for violence or promoting "revolution"; once there are no longer enough people to hold Leviathan up, he'll topple on his own and crush his remaining supporters beneath him.
Thirdly, and this is potentially the most controversial part of this article, "government" is no different than the concept of "god." Think about it... We have a "deity" ("government" ) being proclaimed as our only "savior" and represented by a "clergy" that "shepherds" us (politicians), the "one true religion" which is "the only path to salvation and
true happiness" (patr[id]iotism and blind obedience to "government" ), a poorly written and often abused "Bible" (the Constitution and BoR), "apologists" to defend the "teachings of god" (lawyers), and "crusaders" to defend the "church" and enforce the "will" and "teachings of god" against the "infidels" (police/military).
And you thought Iran was bad...

Instead of some glorious and infallible entity, "government" is, as I have said, nothing more than an organized mafia of lawyers, politicians, and armed thugs to do their bidding. Simply put, it has ZERO "authority," and its only REAL power comes from those who delegate their rights and freedoms to said mafia in return for lackluster rewards and empty promises subject to arbitrary change.
Before you go presenting your argument for "government" to me, think of how useless it is for a fundamentalist Christian to present the concept of "god" to an Atheist. Plus, like it or not, any attempt to justify or explain "government" is no different than Christian proselytizing.
And no, I'm not an Atheist. That was just an analogy.
Democracy was oh-so-accurately defined as "three wolves and a sheep sitting at a table and voting on what to have for dinner." Needless to say, voting never gave ANY power to the individual. Voting is, in fact, an admission of weakness. Instead of exercising your rights as a self-ruling individual, rights which you were BORN with and not granted by antiquated toilet paper on display in the National Archives, you're delegating them to the member of a priestly caste (politicians) who is just as imperfect as everyone else and more often than not a lying scumbag who'll say or promise anything just to get into public office.

Shepherds can only fleece docile sheep and farmers can only milk obedient cows. By voting and lending credence to the nonexistent "legitimacy" of these politicians (while delegating your rights and freedom to them in the process), you're essentially submitting yourself to their control. Whether you know it or not, those manacles on your hands are by YOUR OWN doing, and YOU hold the "key" to them in YOUR pocket. Whether you choose to unlock them and cast them aside is your choice, but if you want REAL freedom, have the courage to SEIZE it. As for me, I threw off the manacles long ago. In my mind's eye, "government" is no different than the Judeo-Christian "god," and democracy is the antithesis of freedom.
To be perfectly honest with you, the saddest thing I have to live with is the fact that many people are still in the early stages of human evolutional development, thus NEEDING some kind of "guidance" from an omnipotent and infallible entity of some kind, be it religious or non-religious. As much as I hate to say this, sheep NEED shepherds and slaves NEED masters. However, I'll be damned if a wolf like me is told that I need one when I am already MY OWN master! If you still think that voting is the only way of obtaining freedom, fine. I can't tell you what to do or what decisions to make. If you want to be lead by the hand like a little toddler by some capricious and parasitic "government," that's your choice. Not mine.
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