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Intel® Extreme Graphics Intel® Extreme Graphics
Included on this page:
The integrated graphics core in the Intel® 845G, Intel® 845GL and Intel® 830M chipsets deliver an intense visual experience. Innovative technologies add new levels of both 2D and 3D graphic quality to integrated graphics chipsets:
Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering Technology to deliver sharp images, fast rendering, smooth motion and awesome detail.
Dynamic Video Memory Technology to allocate graphics memory as needed to balance memory usage among the operating system, applications, and graphics.
Zone Rendering Technology for drawing 3D scenes that optimize performance between graphics and system functions.
Intelligent Memory Management Technology to optimize both graphics and system performance with shared system memory.
The Extreme Graphics core supports the latest 2D and 3D APIs, delivering real-life environment and character effects. A 256-bit internal path enables up to four textures per pixel on a single pass for super light maps, atmospheric effects, and more realistic surface details. Flexible display capabilities enhance the personal computing experience, offering significant benefits for applications requiring 32bpp and higher display resolution.
If you are interested in information about our new Intel® Extreme Graphics 2, found in the Intel® 865G, 865GV and 855GM chipsets, please click here.
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Features and Benefits
Feature Benefits
Multi-texture Useful for creating light maps, atmospheric effects, and more
2kx2k texture Enables desktop-size textures
Cube reflection textures Enables environment specular reflections
Render-to-texture Allows auto-generation of texture on the fly
Projected textures Projects textures onto other objects
DOT3 bump-mapping Models realistic surface details
Destination alpha blend Creates effects like force fields, flames, or plasma beams
Point sprites Provides particle systems for atmospheric effects such as snowfall
Per pixel fog Enables depth-cruising or hidden objects
Alpha blended sub-picture support Enables softer effects for captions and subtitles
Anisotropic filtering Provides high quality views of oblique surfaces
Hardware motion compensation Provides high-quality DVD playback
5x2 overlay Delivers smooth scaling of DVD playback
Intel® Digital Video Output (DVO) Extends the integrated graphics engine to support digital FP and TV-out
Dual display Supports synchronous display on analog and digital ports
Specifications Enhanced 2D
256-bit internal path
DirectDraw*, GDI, GDI+
Anti-aliased text support
Alpha blending
Alphas stretch blitter
Hardware alpha blended RGB cursor
Color space conversion
5x2 overlay support
Rotate, scale and translate operations
High-performance 3D
256-bit internal path
32bpp/ 24ZorW/ 8 Stencil
DXTn texture compression
Up to 4 textures / pixel on a single pass
Cubic reflection map
Embossed/DOT3 bump mapping
DOT3 bump-mapping
Point sprites
Video and Display
Hardware motion compensation support for DVD playback
4x2 overlay filter
350 MHz DAC frequency
Maximum DVO pixel rate of up to 330MP/s
Flat panel monitors and TV-out support via AGP Digital Display (ADD) cards
350 MHz DAC for 1800x1440 @ 85Hz max CRT resolution or 2048x1536@60Hz max FP resolution
Synchronous display for dual monitor capabilities
350MHz RAMDAC for up to QXGA analog monitor support
Dual DVO ports for up to QXGA digital display support
Multiple display types (LVDS, DVI, TV-out, CRT)
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