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News: SegaNet: No longer pay-to-play
8/2/2002 4:33 pm

Good news for remaining Dreamcast fans.

For gamers everywhere who have hung on to their Dreamcast after Sega abandoned what would be their last platform, some good news emerges. As of now, Sega are no longer requiring monthly fees to access any of their SegaNet servers.

..."We are ending our Dreamcast subscription service and opening up SegaNet servers to all online gamers. Dreamcast users will be able to enjoy free unlimited head-to-head online gameplay on SegaNet through the end of 2002. This means more opponents for you and free access to your favorite SegaNet games... how cool is that!"

Very cool indeed. Now we can get back to all of those online Dreamcast games that we ditched after the subscription fee was put in place, such as Dreamcast's online sports line up. Unfortunately, Phantasy Star Online ver.2 is, however, apparently not included in this deal.

-- Rob Vinciguerra, Contributor

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