Our BNP's European Election List for the North East Euro-Constituency.

DR ALAN PATTERSON 49, is a surgeon who runs cosmetic clinics in Newcastle, Leeds and Consett.
He lives with his wife and three children in Ponteland and stood against Tory MP Peter Atkinson at Hexham in the 2001 General Election for the UK Independence Party.
ANDREW HARRIS, 25, is a logistics clerk in the steel industry and lives in Eston in Cleveland.
A former member of the Labour Party, Andrew left after Tony Blair changed the party beyond recognition.
He joined the British National Party because it was the only real alternative to the main three parties, whose agenda are now almost indistinguishable.
JENNY AGNEW is a former Green Party election candidate and both her parents were Green Party councillors. She now believes, however, that the British National Party is best placed to protect our environment from the effects of uncontrolled immigration.
Jenny is a care worker and fund-raiser for the St Dunstan's Homes for the Blind. She is married with one child.

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