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Our Publications
  General Information  
  Internet Safety  
  Just in Case...Series  
  Know the Rules...Series  
  Safety Information  
  Sexual Exploitation  
A Family Resource Guide on International Parental Kidnapping
Presents practical and detailed advice about preventing international kidnapping
An Analysis of Infant Abductions
Findings from interviews with and record reviews of infant abductions
Family Abduction
Step-by-step information for parents who have experienced a family abduction
For Healthcare Professionals: Guidelines on Prevention of and Response to Infant Abductions
Recommended actions to be taken to help prevent infant abductions from healthcare facilities and homes
Good Practice Report and Country Reports
Guide to good practice under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
International Child Abduction Attorney Network (ICAAN)
Information about what ICAAN is and how to join
International Forum on Parental Child Abduction: Hague Convention Action Agenda
Findings of a forum held in September 1998 to study the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
LOCATERâ„¢ Lost Child Alert Technology Resource
Information for law-enforcement agencies on available technology to rapidly disseminate images of and information about missing children
Missing and Abducted Children: A Law-Enforcement Guide to Case Investigation and Program Management
Standard of practice for law-enforcement officers handling missing-child cases
"The Kid is With a Parent, How Bad Can it Be?:" The Crisis of Family Abductions
Issue brief by NCMEC President and Chief Executive Officer Ernie Allen
Recovery and Reunification of Missing Children: A Team Approach
"Best practice" guidelines and training tips for returning recovered children to their families
When Your Child is Missing: A Family Survival Guide
Guide written by parents and family members who have experienced the disappearance of a child
General Information
Annual Report
Current edition of NCMEC's Annual Report
A Report to the Nation
Assessment of state legislative accomplishments regarding missing- and exploited-child issues
For Law-Enforcement Professionals
Information regarding NCMEC resources available to assist law enforcement
Investigative Checklist for First Responders
Checklist of actions to be taken by law enforcement in the initial stages of a missing-child investigation
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Summary of NCMEC publications
NCMEC Resources
Information regarding NCMEC's resources and support services
Never Forget a Face: A Case for Your Support (ICMEC)
Information regarding ways to support the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children
Never Forget a Face: A Case for Your Support (NCMEC)
Information regarding ways to support the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Nonprofit Service Provider's Handbook
Guide for building and maintaining a nonprofit organization
Project ALERT
Information about NCMEC's Project ALERT program
The Front Line
Current issue of NCMEC's quarterly technical-assistance bulletin
Internet Safety
Ad Council Information Package
Online sexual exploitation prevention information, tips on how to talk to your kids, and a list of commonly used chat acronyms
Child Safety on the Information Highway
Safety tips for families whose elementary-school-aged children use computer online services
Cyberspace Strategy
Issue brief by NCMEC President and Chief Executive Officer Ernie Allen
CyberTipline: Your Resource for Reporting the Sexual Exploitation of Children
Information regarding NCMEC's CyberTipline
Know the Rules...Internet Safety Quiz for Adults
Tips for parents on how to make their children's online visits safer
NetSmartz Brochure
Information on this innovative web site that educates children about online safety
Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation's Youth
Groundbreaking national survey focusing on children's use of the Internet
Protect Your Child's Online Life
Tips on how families can help protect their children from online sexual exploitation
Teen Safety on the Information Highway
Safety tips for families whose teenagers use computer online services
Just in Case...Series
Just in Case...Babysitter
Information on finding a babysitter and safety tips
Just in Case...Daycare
Information on choosing daycare and preventing sexual exploitation
Just in Case...Exploitation
Warning signs of and steps to take in the event of child sexual exploitation
Just in Case...Family Separation
Tips on preventing family abduction
Just in Case...Federal Parent Locator Service
Information on finding the abductor and child in family-abduction cases
Just in Case...Finding Professional Help
Advice on how to find professional help for children who have been kidnapped or sexually exploited
Just in Case...Grief
Guidelines on a healthy approach to the grieving process
Just in Case...Missing
Five steps to prepare in case your child might someday be missing
Just in Case...Runaway
Steps to take in case your child might someday run away
Just in Case...Testifying
Advice on helping children testify in court
Know the Rules...Series
Know the Rules
Three key safety messages for teens
Know the Rules...Abduction and Kidnapping Prevention Tips for Parents
Safety tips and guidelines for parents to help prevent abduction
Know the Rules...After-School Safety Tips for Children Who Are Home Alone
Important points parents should consider prior to allowing their child to be unsupervised after school
Know the Rules...Child Safety for Door-to-Door Solicitation
Child-safety guidelines for children participating in door-to-door solicitation
Know the Rules...For Child Safety in Amusement or Theme Parks
Steps for parents and children to take when in an amusement or theme park
Know the Rules...For Child Safety in Youth Sports
Guidelines for parents whose children participate in sports activities
Know the Rules...For Going To and From School More Safely
Tips to help parents prepare their children for a safer journey to and from school
Know the Rules...For Holidays
Safety tips for the holidays and when shopping
Know the Rules...General Parental Tips to Help Keep Your Children Safer
General tips for parents
Know the Rules...Interactive Theatre Project
Teaching tool for peer leaders to select and prepare peer educators/helpers for Know the Rules Interactive Theatre presentations
Know the Rules: Just in Case You...
In-depth safety messages for teens
Know the Rules...Safety Tips for Halloween
Safety tips for a more fun and safe Halloween
Know the Rules...School Safety Tips
Safety tips for children when at school
Know the Rules...Summer Safety Tips for Children
Safety tips for a more fun and safe summer
Know the Rules...Summer Safety Tips for Parents
Safety tips for a more fun and safe summer
Know the Rules...When Your Child Is Flying Unaccompanied
Rules to help make the flying experience for your child safer
Know the Rules...When Your Child Is Traveling Unaccompanied by Bus or Train
Rules to help make travel by bus or train safer for your child
Safety Information
Child Protection
Prevention information for parents and children
Guidelines for Programs to Reduce Child Victimization
Guidelines for communities when choosing programs to teach personal safety to children
How to Keep Your Child Safer: A Message to Every Parent
Issue brief by NCMEC Immediate Past Board Chair Daniel Broughton, MD, and NCMEC President and Chief Executive Officer Ernie Allen
Is this your CHILD? If not--it may be NEXT TIME
Information to help prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation
Keeping Your Children Safer in the World: Tips for Children, Teens, and Parents
General safety tips in Braille
Knowing My 8 Rules for Safety
Safety tips poster for children
Knowing My 8 Rules for Safety: Multilingual Child Safety and Prevention Tips
List of safety tips in 30 languages
New Neighborhood Safety Tips
Child-safety tips for moving to a new neighborhood
Personal Safety for Children: A Guide for Parents
Guidelines released at the 2002 White House Conference on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children for families to help keep their children safer at home, at school, and in the community
Publication Packages
Sample of English-, Spanish-, and Vietnamese-language brochures containing general safety tips
Safety Tips for Expectant Parents
Safety guidelines that can help prevent infant abductions
Sexual Exploitation
A Model State Sex-Offender Policy
Recommendations for policymakers when formulating and implementing policies and laws to deal with sex offenders
Campaign Against Child Sexual Exploitation Information Package
Includes prevention information, parental guidelines, and the 11"x17" campaign advertisement
Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis
Investigative tool for law-enforcement officers and child-protection professionals
Child Molesters Who Abduct: Summary of the Case in Point Series
Case histories of serial child molesters and abductors
Child Pornography: It's A Crime
Issue brief by NCMEC President and Chief Executive Officer Ernie Allen
Child Pornography: The Criminal-Justice-System Response
Analysis of the child-pornography problem in the United States and globally
Children Traumatized in Sex Rings
Guidelines for working with victims of sexual exploitation
Exploited Child Unit: Technical Assistance Services for Law Enforcement
Information on the services provided by NCMEC's Exploited Child Unit
Female Juvenile Prostitution: Problem and Response
Information on establishing and maintaining a community program to help victims of child prostitution that includes histories of former juvenile prostitues
For Camp Counselors
Information about detecting and reporting child sexual exploitation
Internet Sex Crimes Against Minors: The Response of Law Enforcement
A groundbreaking national survey of law enforcement
Parental Guidelines in Case Your Child Might Someday be the Victim of Sexual Exploitation.
Key steps families can take to help children begin the healing process.
Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Children
Steps parents, schools, and communities can take to help protect children from sexual exploitation.
Prostitution of Children and Child-Sex Tourism: An Analysis of Domestic and International Responses
Analysis of the child-prostitution problem in the United States and globally
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