Our European Election List for the West Midlands Euro-Constituency.

SIMON DARBY is a 39 year old science graduate who was elected to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council as a BNP councillor last year after obtaining 43% of the vote in his ward.
Born in the Black Country Simon contested the Dudley North constituency in 1997 and 2001 and represented the British National Party in the 1999 European elections.
He is a member of the BNP Advisory Council.

SIMON SMITH was born in Smethwick and educated at Holly Lodge Grammar School for Boys.
He is a mathematics teacher, and a member of the National Association of Schoolmasters & Union of Women Teachers.
Simon is a very keen and accomplished chess player representing Warwickshire in competition.
MARTIN ROBERTS is married with five children and has lived in Worcester for seven years.
He served in the Falklands War and is now employed as an Electrical Safety Test Engineer.
"Like many English people I feel betrayed by New Labour, the Lib Dems and the Tories. I bitterly resent being treated as a second class citizen in my own country. I feel particularly strongly that our beautiful country is being dragged down to third world standards".
ROBERT PURCELL is a 25-year-old former media student, VT editor and QA manager who lives in east Birmingham.
In his spare time Rob is a keen writer and has had work published by such diverse outlets as Heritage Films, Ragdoll Productions, Anchor Books and Mercia Radio.
Rob is the editor of British Nationalist, the BNP's national members bulletin and two years ago became one of the country's youngest BNP organisers when he was appointed Birmingham area organiser.

MARK PAYNE is 36 years old and has been a member of the British National Party since 1996.
Mark, who is the Coventry organiser, became West Midlands regional treasurer in mid-2002 and then began full-time work for the party as the Assistant National Treasurer in February 2003.
MICHAEL COLEMAN awaiting details
WILLIAM LOCKE is a 43 year old toolmaker by trade and has seen, first hand, the destructive effects the EU has had on the manufacturing industry in this country.
William joined the BNP in 2002 because he saw it as the only salvation for his grandchildren's future, and became the Walsall Organiser in June 2003.

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