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House Majority Leader Armey on Gore "inventing the Internet"

I called up Armey's office when I got this. They told me they learned about
Gore's remarks from my Wired News story, which is at:




Statement released today from House Majority Leader Armey --

Office of the House Majority Leader

For immediate release --                        Contact: Michele Davis/Jim
March 11, 1999                                          (202) 225-6007

Armey Applauds Vice President Gore for Ingenuity, Creativity and Imagination

In a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer that aired on March 9, 1999, Vice
President Al Gore asserted that he "took the initiative in creating the

Actually, scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,
DARPA, launched what is now the Internet in 1969.  President Eisenhower
created DARPA in 1957 in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik.  He
sought to improve America's defense communications infrastructure in the
same way that he improved the nation's transportation infrastructure.

House Majority Leader Dick Armey released the following statement today in
response to the Vice President's assertion: 

"If the Vice President created the Internet then I created the Interstate
highway system.  Both were begun during the Eisenhower Administration and I
think Ike actually deserves a little credit here.

"It's common in Washington to steal an idea and claim it was yours all
along.  This strategy certainly worked for the Administration on welfare
reform and tax cuts.  But claiming credit for the Internet insults its real
creators whose hard work and ingenuity can never be stolen. 

"When historians write about the Internet I don't think they'll put the Vice
President in the same category as Thomas Edison."

Attached is a copy of the CNN transcript from the interview with Vice
President Gore.  Also, see Armey's Internet web site - which Armey actually
created - at www.freedom.gov. 


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