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Our History
1991 Construction
1991 Grand Opening
1992 Batman Adventure - The Ride
1995 Premiere of Batman Forever
1995 The Maverick Show
1995 Lethal Weapon
1997 Premiere of Batman and Robin
1997 Looney Tunes Village
1997 Marvin the Martian in 3D
1998 Wild West Falls
2000 Road Runner Rollercoaster
2001 10th Birthday Celebrations
2001 Batman 2 & Looney Tunes Splashzone
2002 Premiere of Scooby-Doo
2002 Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster
2003 The Official Matrix Exhibit
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Our History

1991 Construction

Warner Bros. Movie World is the master project of a three-way partnership between Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Limited and Sea World Property Trust.

The children of poor Polish immigrants, the Warner brothers, Jack, Abe, Harry and Sam grew up to shape one of the wealthiest and most glamorous industries in the world. They launched the first "talkie" movie, the first Hollywood musical and the era of the gangster film. A list of all the Warner Bros. hit films would require a book. In 1928 the Warner brothers bought the Burbank film lot in California from First National Pictures calling it the Warner Bros. Studios. In 1972 when Columbia Pictures became partners, it was renamed the Burbank Studios which continued to 1990. Now the lot is once again renamed The Warner Bros. Studios. The Warner Bros. Studios remain a key subsidiary of the world's largest communications company AOL Time Warner Inc.

Village Roadshow's founding chairman Mr Roc Kirby, opened Australia's first chain of drive-ins and cinemas in the 1950's. In 1971 Village Roadshow Limited began its close association with Warner Bros. when Managing Director, Graham Burke, negotiated an exclusive film distribution deal. Today Village Roadshow has evolved into a diversified, international media and entertainment company.

Following establishment at its present site on the Spit in 1972, Sea World continued to develop into a truly international tourist destination. The floating of the theme park with the Australian Stock Exchange in 1984 saw the creation of the publicly listed Sea World Property Trust. Under the guidance of Chief Executive Officer John Menzies, Sea World became firmly entrenched as one of the nation's tourism leaders. In 1992, Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow acquired a two-third majority share in Sea World Property Trust. In 2002, all units held by the public in Sea World Property Trust were compulsorily acquired resulting in the Trust now being privately held by companies associated with Warner Bros. Inc. and Village Roadshow Limited. The Trust is no longer listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The concept of Warner Bros. Movie World was the creation of the late C.V. Wood (1920 - 1999), one of the world's foremost theme park designers and President of the Recreation Enterprises Division of Warner Bros. Woody, as he was affectionately known, was instrumental in the design and development of Disneyland, Six Flags Over Texas and other leisure-time facilities.

From the moment Woody flew to Australia and saw the vacant land adjoining the Studios, the promise of Warner Bros. Movie World was born.

Within 16 months, an ordinary swamp had been transformed into a spectacular movie-related theme park. Wherever possible, construction involved local skills and labour. Five hundred people were recruited and trained on completion.

In the beginning...

Main Street takes form.

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