The 2002 Grabby Awards Nominations



Best Gay Video:
The Apprentice 2: Dark Heart
(Delta Video)
Deep South: The Big, and the Easy (Falcon Studios)
The Dirty Director (Raging Stalion Studios)
Fire Island 4 (Lucas Entertainment)
Gorge (Titan Media)

Best All-Sex Video:
2nd Gear (Rascal Video)
Closed Set: The New Crew (MSR Video)
Dreamers (Sarava Productions)
SeXus (Raging Stallion Studios)
Slammer (Titan Media)

Best Comedy Video
Boy Band
(Catalina Video)
Bucketful O' Chicken (All Worlds Video)
Lost on Sex Island (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
Porn Academy (All Worlds Video)
White Trash (MSR Video)

Best Director:
John Rutherford & Chi Chi LaRue
, Deep South: The Big, and the Easy (Falcon Studios)
Michael Lucas, Fire Island Cruising 3 & 4 (Lucas Entertainment)
John Travis, Spanish Uprising (Studio 2000)
Bruce Cam, Gorge (Titan Media)
Toni Alizzi
, White Trash (MSR Video)

Best Screenplay:
Jordan Young
, Deep South: The Big, and the Easy (Falcon Studios)
Michael Lucas, Fire Island 3 & 4 (Lucas Entertainment)
Chris Steele, 2nd Gear (Rascal Video)
Gino Cobert, Motel Sex (Gino Pictures)
Rick Tugger, White Trash (MSR Video)

Best Actor:
Joe Landon
, The Apprentice 2 (Delta Video)
Lance Gear, 2nd Gear (Rascal Video)
Caesar, Cowboy, (Big Blue Productions)
Josh Weston, Deep South: The Big, and the Easy (Falcon Studios)
Michael Soldier, The Dirty Director (Raging Stallion)

Best Supporting Actor:
Jack Ryan
, Deep South: The Big, and the Easy (Falcon Studios)
Michael Brandon, The Dirty Director (Raging Stallion Studios)
Chad Hunt, Oral Exams (Rascal Video)
Trent Cougar, White Trash (MSR Video)
Rod Barry, White Trash (MSR Video)

Best Newcomer:

  Trent Atkins
Rafael Carreras
Mark Dalton
Sky Donovan
Rhett O'Hara
Josh Harting
Anthony Holloway
Matt Summers
Josh Weston
Bret Wolfe

Best Performer:  

  Michael Brandon
D.C. Chandler
Colton Ford
Jason Hawke
Chad Hunt
Jeremy Jordan
Carlos Morales
Matthew Rush
Dred Scott
Chris Steele


Best Solo Performance:
Chip Nicolas,
First Crush (Fresh Cut/MSR)
Scott Gunz, Hard as Rock (Big Blue Productions)
Drew Peters, Lost on Sex Island (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
Sean Storm, Open Trench (Sports & Recreation Video)
Mark Dalton, Pick Tease (Pacific Sun Entertainment)

Best Duo Sex Scene:
Lance Gear & Jack Ryan
, 2nd Gear (Rascal Video)
Cameron Sage & Anthony Holloway, Apprentice 2 (Delta Video)
Michael Soldier & Chris Steele, Cops Gone Bad (Raging Stallion Studios)
Matthew Rush & Josh Weston, Deep South: Part 2 (Falcon Studios)
Rod Barry & Bret Wolfe, White Trash (MSR Video)

Best Three-way Sex Scene:
Steve Cannon, Lance Gear & Nick Piston
, 2nd Gear (Rascal Video/ Channel 1)
Trent Atkins, Joe Landon & Danny Rhymes, Apprenmtic Dark Heart, (Delta Video)
Jeremy Jordan, Jack Ryan & Josh Weston, Deep South (Falcon Studios)
Lindon Hawke, Daniel Montes & Brady Martin, Ready For More (Jocks Studios)
Rod Barry, Trent Cougar & Luke Pearson, White Trash (MSR Video)

Best Group Sex Scene:
Lance Gear, Chad Hunt, Peter Raeg, Adam Wolfe, Jerek, Rob Anthony & Danny Vox.
(Final orgy), 2nd Gear (Rascal Video)
Chad Hunt, Jimmy McGuire, Christian Taylor, Brian McClaine, Josh Harting & Daniel Sinclair, (The barn orgy), Deception ­ Part 1 (Jocks Studios)
Jeremy Jordan, Chad Hunt, Adam Wolfe, Derek Cameron, Sebastian Cole, Jason Tyler & Clay Maverick, Deep South (Part 1) (Falcon Studios)
Julian Armanis, Filip Olivier, Patrick Zsolt, Adam Cartier, Chris Cameron, Dano Sulik, Ken Russel . . . (The 20-something swimming pool orgy), Frisky Summer 4 (Bel Ami Video)
Diego Alvarez, Michael Brandon, Brad McGuire & Carlos Morales, Prowl 3: Genuine Leather (MSR Video)

Best Non-Sex Performance:
Sharon Kan
e, Boy Band (Ron Jeremy, Porn Academy (All Worlds Video)
David Forest, Brad's Buddies (Forest Films)
Chi Chi LaRue, Porn Academy (All Worlds Video)
Ron Jeremy, Porn Academy (All Worlds Video)
Rowdy Carson, White Trash (MSR Video)

Best International Video:
Fresh Flesh,
(All Worlds International/Cazzo Video)
Frisky Summer 4, (Bel Ami Video & Photos)
Spanish Uprising, (Studio 2000 International)
Hot Type, (High Octane)
L 'Elisir D'Amour, (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Best Leather/Fetish Video:
Bearing Leather
(All Worlds Video)
Open Trench 2: Fuck Fantisies (Sports & Recreation)
Hand Packed (Hot House Video)
Stick It In (Monster Bang/Raging Stallion Studios)
Prowl 3: Genuine Leather
(MSR Video)

Best Videography:
Hue Wilde
, 2nd Gear (Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing)
Max Phillips & Todd Montgomery, Deep South (Falcon Studios)
Kristen Bjorn, Dreamers (Sarava Productions)
Bruce Cam, Gorge (Titan Media)
Leonardo Rossi, L'Elisir d'Amore (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Best Art Direction:
Deep South: The Big and the Easy
, (Falcon Studios)
A Beautiful Behind, (All Worlds Video)
Slammer, (Titan Media)
Spanish Uprising, (Studio 2000)
White Trash, (MSR Video)

Best Gay DVD Extras:
An American in Prague
, The Prague Tour (Bel Ami)
The Back Row, Director's Comentaries (Rascal Video)
The Dirty Director, (Raging Stallion Studios)
Gorge, (Titan Media)
No Way Out, (Falcon Studios)

Best Classic Gay DVD:
Big Guns,
(Catalina Video)
Desert Train, (Titan Media)
Powertool, (Catalina Video)
Sailor in the Wild, (Catalina Video)
Scorcher, (Huge Video/Falcon Studios DVD)


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