Chaucer, EH401/401g, Fall 1998

Middle English
Pronunciation Guidelines

When pronoucing consonants, pronounce those that have become silent in Modern English:
A few additional things about consonants to keep in mind:

The following table focuses on pronunciation of vowels. The words in the first column are Middle English words; the letters in the second column are the letters that the example teaches you how to pronounce; the words in the third column are Modern English words that give you an example of how the letters in the second column should be pronounced.

Middle English Word Letter to Focus On Modern English Example Sound Examples
name a a in father name
grene & sweete e & ee a in fate grene & sweete
sonne final e in the word e in horses sonne
shires & ryden i& y i in machine shires & ryden
cause & drawe au & aw ow in how cause & drawe
bote & good o & oo o in note bote & good
flour & fowles ou & ow oo in boot flour & fowles

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