Appendix A

Internet LISP Resources

Love that so desires would fain keep her changeless
Fain would fling the net, and fain have her free.

George Meridith, The Woods of Westermain (1833)

Free soil, free men, free speech. Frémont.
Anonymous. Republican party rallying cry (1856)

One of the main benefits of LISP is its extensibility. If the language does not fit your needs, you can extend the language.

This text is also extensible. LISP continues to evolve and so will this book, through the Internet. The words in this appendix also appear as a page on the World Wide Web (WWW) at the address, that is, the URL:
Using that entry point, the reader will then have access to the following resources. (Keeping with Web browser format conventions, we underline text that contains hyperlinks to other Web documents. Clicking is disabled in the print version of this appendix.)

Documentation is like term insurance: It satisfies
because almost no one who subscribes to it depends on its

Alan Perlis. Epigrams in Programming (1982)


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