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Sacrifice Developer Journal II
Howdy folks! What we have here is Episode 2 of the Sacrifice Development Update!
By - Joby Otero

Time: Thursday, August 3rd, 2000 - 6pm PST.

Location: Woodland Hills, California - 80 Miles North of the Laguna Beach headquarters of Shiny Entertainment - in the home office of Joby Otero (Team Sacrifice's poorly dressed art director).

So, what's happening now?

The biggest news is that we submitted our first build to Interplay QA in early June. For us this means that we've officially reached "feature lock." All the major features are in, all characters, all single-player missions, all multiplayer maps, the whole script, and primary triggers.

There is a strong possibility of a limited beta test now. We will likely make an announcement very soon.

We are spending 95 percent of our time bug fixing, polishing, balancing, adding final voice samples, preparing press materials and so on. The rest of the time is spent reviewing feedback from our testers. Some of this feedback pertains to the finer points of the interface and some control issues.

James Phinney has done a brilliant job writing our story and working with Eric (lead designer) to employ it "in-game" with the terrific cinematic mode that Martin and Dan implemented. The storytelling elements of the game are now feature-complete and have added a stunning level of depth.

We now have a fully functional front end. The result of many discussions and iterations on this task is a very nice, simple, stable, front end.

There are now a large number of options that are made simple, accessible, and attractive. Players should have no problem navigating to the single-player campaigns or multiplayer battles very quickly.

You will likely be seeing a few "hands-on" features about the game by the time this diary goes out. Hopefully its pretty clear to the few that are involved with these features that the game is almost done. Most important for us is that we've managed to reach this point, while taking in input from all many sources and kept the game running very stable through it all. Dave (Perry) recently left for a mini-press tour and is reporting no problems even as he stresses the game in every way possible. :-)

Next: The pieces come together...

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