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Sacrifice: Developer Diary #4
In the its final stages of development, Joby Otero gives us word on the what's left to be done on Sacrifice.
By - Joby Otero

"What the heck's going on with Sacrifice?" you say. Hold on partner, first things first.

Here's a quick summary of the status of the major elements of the game:

Art: 99.5%. We're totally ready to go. I held back that last 1 percent because there's always something that can be cleaned up or re-rendered if time permits.

Engine: 99%. Just a little more optimization needed.

AI: 99%. Dan's getting a lot of feedback right now, so I expect we'll see some subtle changes still. Nothing major though, as it's all working very well at this point. That last 1 percent will be accounted for as the beta test winds down.

Sound: 97.5%. All the final VO and 95% of the SFX are in. This has made a huge improvement. Since most of that was already in when we sent out the beta test and press preview builds we can expect a slightly better impression to be made.

Animation: 99.5%. What can I say, Manjit just kicked ass and got done way ahead of time. Now he's helping the level layout guys spitshine the in-game cinematics.

Single Player missions: 99%. Just balancing, graphical fine tuning, adjusting cinematics, pacing. We're VERY close on this.

Multi-Player maps. 99%. As I've said before, there's always a little room for improvement.

All of the beta testers should have received their CDs by now. Many will be getting them on Monday (October 2nd). We have opened our official beta forum and the response has been VERY positive. Most issues have been related to improvements requested in the start-up lobbies or for alliance options. Most folks seem to be having a smooth experience getting up and running and getting online. The beta test focuses solely on Internet multi-player and local skirmishes vs. AI. We did not include the single-player game with the beta because this is something that requires closer interaction with the testers. We have Interplay's QA dept working LONG hours focusing on just this aspect of the game. This is it folks, once the comments wind down we're ready to go.

Don't bother asking about the final release date. Until all the comments wind down we won't really know how much longer it might be. I can say that I've never seen a PC game this solid prior to beta. :-)

Next: Team tasks...

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