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Back Report: May 31, 2001

Department of the Treasury
Financial Management Service
May 31, 2001

Summary Fine Troy Ounces Book Value
Gold Bullion 258,645,775.843 10,920,593,649.26
Gold Coins, Blanks, Miscellaneous 2,912,990.418 122,992,864.04
Total 261,558,766.261 $11,043,586,513.30
Mint Held Gold    
Deep Storage:    
  Denver, CO 43,853,707.279 1,851,599,995.81
  Fort Knox, KY 147,341,858.382 6,221,097,412.78
  West Point, NY 54,067,331.379 2,282,841,677.17
Subtotal - Deep Storage Gold 245,262,897.040 10,355,539,085.76
Working Stock:    
  West Point, NY - bars 606,961.358 25,627,243.85
  Headquarters - coins, blanks, miscellaneous 344.451 14,543.47
  Philadelphia, PA - coins, blanks, miscellaneous 6,614.289 279,269.84
  West Point, NY - coins, blanks, miscellaneous 2,225,241.145 93,954,576.67
Subtotal - Working Stock 2,839,161.243 119,875,633.83
Total - Mint Held Gold 248,102,058.283 $10,475,414,719.59
Federal Reserve Bank Held Gold    
Gold Bullion:    
  Federal Reserve Banks - NY Vault 13,376,961.126 564,804,727.98
  Federal Reserve Banks - display 1,993.319 84,162.40
Subtotal - Gold Bullion 13,378,954.445 564,888,890.38
Gold Coins:    
  Federal Reserve Banks - NY Vault 73,451.741 3,101,294.10
  Federal Reserve Banks - display 377.434 15,936.11
Subtotal - Gold Coins 73,829.175 3,117,230.21
Total - Federal Reserve Bank Held Gold 13,452,783.620 $568,006,120.59
Gold In Transit 3,924.358 165,673.12
Total Treasury Owned Gold 261,558,766.261 $11,043,586,513.30

Deep Storage Gold - formerly called Gold Bullion Reserve or Custodial Gold Bullion Reserve. This gold is owned by the U.S. Government and held for safekeeping by the U.S. Mint at the locations listed.

Working Stock - formerly listed as specific coins and blanks or called "PEF Gold." This is the portion of U.S. Government owned gold that is used as the operating inventory for minting gold coins. Working stock includes bars, blanks, and finished coins.

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