Beware of Wyoming!

You could be the next victim.

Have you ever met anyone from Wyoming? Have you ever been to Wyoming? Have you ever meet anyone who has been to Wyoming? Have you ever seen a "Visit Wyoming" advertisement. Have you ever seen a Wyoming liscense plate. Have you ever heard of any attractions there. Seen a trip advertised for Wyoming. (Jeez, they even have trips to Texas!) No, you haven't, because it DOESN"T EXIST!!! Wyoming is a government cover up. For what, you ask? Who you really want to find out?

Facts About Wyoming-
* The state of Wyoming is almost a perfect square. In fact, it is one of the only state with that shape. Coincidence? I think not.
* The state records show that, in Wyoming, there are 3.1 people per square mile. I have two questions to that. 1- How do you get .1 people? 2- That number is awfully low....could it possibly be made up?
* Anyone that says that they have been to Wyoming has been affiliated with the government in one way or another. They hire these people to say that they have been there, visited, or have relatives from there. It is a cover up, so that us "unsuspecting" citizens will stay unsuspecting.
* Wyoming is the only state that houses only one college- The University of Wyoming. They have to have a state university. All of the other states do, it would look suspicious if they didn't. The big question is- Have you ever met anyone who has attended this wonderful college?
* The University of Wyoming specializes in the ROTC program. Uncanny isn't it...ROTC=miliary=government kinda makes you wonder. doesn't it?
* Wyoming has no state speed limit on their highways. Does this seem weird to anybody else?

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Make up your own mind.......but don't say I didn't warn you!

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