Passenger list of the 'Empress' 1865 from England to NZ

found in the NZ Herald


........Arrival of the Empress from London.........
The Clipper ship Empress, Captain Ellis, from London anchored in the Harbour late last night. She had been 98 days on her passage, having made the run from land to land in 83 days. All well on board, three deaths (children) having occurred during the voyage, Owing to the late hour at which she arrived we are compelled to hold over full details until tomorrow.


14....Empress, Ship, Ellis, from London, Passengers list......

1st Class....
Jas Wm, Harriet E, Robert Edward D, & Edw Bostock
Charles H. Brook
Ellen Elizabeth Clarlson
Ellen Ellis
Robert A. & Robert Dudley Eyre
Mary Ann Graves
David Greig
Charles John Halliday
Henry Masterson
Elizabeth Ann Ripon
Mr & Mrs Ridley
Donald Ross
Wm. Hy. & Margaret Saunders

2nd Class....
Thomas N. Baird
John & Wm. Palm Barker
William W. Batt
Thomas Bennett
Emma, Marrianne, Emma, John Bennett
George J. Brassington
Samuel, Elizabeth & Samuel Brooking
Robert Fisher
Oliver & Letitia Greig
Ann & Amy Sarah Jones
Robert Kinross
Jane & Ann Lemprure
Emma McCanelless
Elijah Mclintock
Matilda Norton
Henry Shillington
Amelia Simons
Charlotte Stoddart
Thomas Taylor
Jas & Emily Vaughan
Ellen Wilson
Arthur E. Wolfe

3rd Class....
George, Ellen W. & John George Anderson
Warwick, Caroline, Rhoda, Jessie, Clara, Anna, Louise, Frederick, John & Norman Bell
William Barker
William, Jane, Sophia, & Sarah Jane Colson
Samuel & Elizabeth Cook
Mary Ann & Rachel Davidson
Elias Derrey
Mary Dixon
William Russell & Henry Jas Eades
Daniel Forrest
S.L. Fraser
Henry Hall
Magdalen Hudson
William, Letitia, William, Henry, Caroline, Alonzo & Albert Huges
Joseph Henry & Hannah Jones
Richard, Thomas & Richard Jones
George Lewis
Thomas Luck
Edward May
Wiliam, Ella & William James McIndoe
Nicholas McKeown
George Miller
David Phillips
Matthew, Sarah, John, Elizabeth & Emily Phillips
Robert Ridout
Edward Sach
John Salmon
William Henry Smith
William Squires
Charles Stevens
Willian Stoddart
Charles, Arthur, Emily Matilda & Herbert Henry Taylor
Joseph, Mary Ann & Joseph Lerrey Walton
Thomas & Ruth Walton
William, Wm. Waterworth
Henry Wright

Assisted Passage....
Archibald, Helen, Jessie, James & Jacobins Anderson
George, Ann & Isabella Adam
Edward & Joseph Ashwell
James, Ann, Agnes, Mary, Sophia, Anna & William Atkin
Arthur Bassett
Martha Beatty
Hugh Bell
George, Julie & Eliza Jane Boyce
John, Margaret, Jeanie, Robert & Alexander Boyd
Lawrence Brady
Henry Cain
Honora & Catherine Callaghan
Margaret Cardie
Robert, Nicholas, John, Graham, James Charnely
George Cook
Lucy & Sarah Jane Corbatt
Mary Coulter
Mary Cullivan
Ellen Jane Dillon
James Doran
Mary Duffin
Charles Dunn
James Ebbett
Francis Egan
Elizabeth Ellison
Robert, Ann, William, Samuel & Sarah Glasgow
William Goodrum
Hugh Gray
Thomas Halpin
James, Mary Jane, David, John & Sarah Hamilton
Letitia Haves
Samuel, Nancy, Samuel, Nathaniel, James S. & Robert Hickey
Mary Higgins
Jane Hills
Alice, Richard, Godfrey & Mary Ann Hogan
Lemuel Howard
John Hunstan
William, Helen, George, Jane, Isabella, Thomas, Helen & William Hutchison
Thomas & William Irone
Patrick Keiffes
Mary Kelly
Richard & Judith Kenny
Mary, Agnes, Elizabeth & Andrew Kerr
Hugh Larkins
Sarah, Sarah, Susannah, Eleanor, Eliza & Emma Lewis
John & Margaret Long
Hannah Mansfield
George Marshall
Micheal McArd
John A. McConnisky
Micheal & Margaret McGunn
Anna McNumee
Robert Porter Joseph McTurney
Patrick & Mary Meeshaw
Samuel, Paul, Robert & Alexander Micheal
William Mooney
Mary Moore
John & Louisa Morrison
Jane Murphy
Honora, Catherine, John & Cornelina Murphy
Grace & Cora Nareeney
John O'Brien
James & Bridget O'Donnell
David & Frances O'Donnell
Micheal, Catherine & Judith O'Meara
Thomas Osborne
Frederick Rapson
Patrick Reilly
John Sloan
George Squirrel
Mary Taylor
John James Watson
Sarah Westfold
Samuel, Susan, William & Mary Ann Wright

(Some names may be spelt wrong, source very hard to read)
Printed in the "Herald" Dated 15th May 1865

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