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Pole Vault

Designed to increase your balance when you are inverted and build strength to move up the pole on the top of your vault.  The Topper will help you find the right position when inverted on the pole.
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Medium 11'-13' poles.$49.95

Stiff 13'-15' poles. $49.95

Elite 15'-17' poles. $59.95

The new DiMarco Slide Box

*With steel reinforced impact area!
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Pole Vaulter Donovan Kilmartin, 16' 6" Pole Vault
2003 High School Arcadia Invitational Champion
Compared to Sergey Bubka World Record Holder
with Biomechanical Analysis
Click for Kilmartin sequence photos.
by Advantage Athletics

       Pole Vault by Advantage Athletics can increase your ability to coach or train for the pole vault. The sequence photos of pole vaulting and pole vault drills with an explanation of proper technique will enhance your pole vault knowledge and form.  The exercises for weightlifting, running, sprinting, throwing and jumping will help develop form, balance, technique, flexibility, speed, strength and power.
     Bubka's head shoulders and hips stay in a vertical plane during the plant and take off.  Bubka's head goes under the bottom hand.  Bubka's bottom hand does not stop the shoulders from moving forward.  Kilmartin is already blocking the forward momentum of his shoulders with his bottom arm.  This causes the hips to swing too early.  It also causes the lower back to absorb all the force of the pole striking the box.  Bubka's shoulders absorb a lot of the force of the pole hitting the box.
     Kilmartin pushes his shoulders back with his bottom arm forcing the hips in front of the shoulders too soon in the vault.  Bubka's head goes under his bottom hand.  Kilmartin's hips have already swung.  Bubka is in a position to swing his hips then his trail leg creating a bigger whip of the body to full extension.
       Kilmartin kicks out and down with his lead foot.  This nullifies the affect of the tap or downswing of the trail foot.  Bubka keeps his lead knee in a horizontal position in front of the hips and lead foot directly under that with no emphasis of kicking it out.
       Bubka drives his trail foot down while holding his lead knee in position.  Bubka is keeping his head in line with his torso.  Kilmartin is holding his head forward.
       The affect of kicking out his lead foot earlier in the vault, Kilmartin's body is too horizontal when his top hand, shoulders, hips and trail foot come in line.  Bubka has a fully extended body from top hand to trail foot.  Kilmartin has many angles in his body.  Bubka's fully extended body has a bigger potential for counter force against the pole to keep the pole bent and rolling over the box while inverting his body.
     Kilmartin by swinging too far in front of his pole causes his body and shoulders to get too close to the pole.  Bubka keeps his shoulders away from the pole while swinging his legs up.
       Bubka keeps his trail leg straight while approaching the top hand.
     Bubka's top hand does not pass the shoulders.  Kilmartin never gets his shoulders under his hips and feet.
     Bubka's body is in line with the push of the pole.  Kilmartin's body is out of line with the push of the pole.  Kilmartin is forcing his shoulders up the runway side of the pole.  This forces his feet down the other side.  This causes a teeter-totter affect.
     Bubka's pole stays in place while pulling, turning and pushing.   Kilmartin's pole moves forward and  back while he pulls, turns and pushes.
        Bubka keeps his support under him when pushing off the pole.  Kilmartin is throwing his pole toward the runway.

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