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Workforce Management

Solution Brief

Workforce Management Solution brief
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Workforce Management is much more than a schedule ? it?s everything needed to actually manage your workforce

Blue Pumpkin Workforce Optimization solutions help you Balance and Optimize™ three critical and often-competing factors: business growth through customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and retention, and operating costs. We accomplish this with a combination of innovative software applications and industry best-practices professional services built around three specific solution areas: Strategic Planning, Workforce Management, and Performance Optimization.

Blue Pumpkin: Workforce OptimizationWe believe that Workforce Management (WFM) is much more than the conventional definition, which limits it to forecasting & scheduling. Our definition of WFM includes all of the tools and information required to provide personnel at all levels with a closed-loop view of contact center activities and productivity. What good is a schedule if you don't know how well it's working based on actual contact volume and agent activity? To really manage your workforce you need to:

  • Understand the skills and level of proficiency of everyone in your center
  • Track actual activity versus the published schedule to see how well the schedule is working and the level to which your employees adhere to it
  • Measure and manage productivity of each individual
  • Incorporate adherence, skills, and proficiency information into future schedules

Aligning Staffing to Forecasted Workload is Not Enough

Schedule EffectivenessA critical element that's missing from conventional forecasting & scheduling tools is the concept of the proficiency of each individual - be it agents, schedulers, supervisors, or managers. Creating a workforce schedule based solely on available staff results in lower levels of customer satisfaction by not aligning your best agents with your most important customers, and ultimately increases operating costs.

In Figure 1, the area outside the white, central overlap represents waste and inefficiency through understaffing and overtime (blue), overstaffing and idle time (yellow), and skills that are not used to their optimal benefit (red).

Workload StaffingBy using Blue Pumpkin Workforce Management solutions to better align your available staff, actual incoming workload, and the proficiency of your agents (see Figure 2), you'll be able to deliver the highest quality customer service at the lowest possible cost.

The Blue Pumpkin Workforce Management solution includes innovative software plus best-practices professional services: