Follow these links for more information about CFM and spiritual abuse:

Yahoo Clubs - Slam The Door  - The place where it all started! Post messages, questions, comments, etc. about CFM.  A very busy place!

Life After Potter’s House  Former Potter’s House member, Steve Schoner’s writes “And though you may have suffered as a result of your experiences with this group, I want you to know that there is Joy, Peace, Hope, and Life after Potters House. Jesus heals, and the greatest thing we can do after having gone through a Potters House hell is to press on in the faith as only Jesus our Lord and Savior can lead us, and to warn others of this dangerous group that many consider a cult.” Check out this link! - This site has numerous articles and testimonies about spiritual abuse in other Christian and religious organizations.  - The web site for Jeff Van Vonderen, author of the book, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse.  - The home page of Dr. Steve Lambert, author of Charismatic Captivation.  You can read excerpts of this book at this web site. -  Here is Rick Ross's lists of articles on CFM. We do not endorse Rick Ross nor do we approve of his tactics towards many legitimate Christian churches and groups.

Examining The Potter's House - MacGregor Ministries report on The Potter's House.

Survivors of Spiritual Abuse - "SOSA is here as a resource for anyone who has been abused in any way in the name of a religion or spiritual belief. By spiritual and religious abuse, we mean abuse done in the name of, brought on by, or attributed to a belief system of the abuser or abuse from a religious leader." - " promotes church leadership who Serve  Accept  Facilitate and Equip. We have listed leadership principles taken from the Word of God and believe that every church leader should believe in and live by these principles. These principles are not our thoughts and opinions, but they come directly from the Word of God." A very interesting web site!

Freedom of Mind Resource Center Steve Hassan's report on The Potter's House.

Healthy/Constructive Religion vs. Unhealthy/Destructive Religion  The author of this web site was not in CFM, but has some good articles and links.

The Other Side of Discipleship by Lawrence A. Pile  An insightful article on the Shepherding/Discipleship movement. Are there any similarities with this past movement and CFM's current discipleship methods? Read this article and find out.