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BeeMail now has its own domain:  http://www.beemail.us so please make a note of it.

We are also undergoing site renovations, so some things may not work correctly.


BeeMail 4.97 has been released.  Apparently in the last release I got fat-finger syndrome and left some DLLs out so it would not run properly.   Those DLLs are included in this release as well as a few more minor bug fixes.

Click the link to download version 4.97 of BeeMail to keep things moving along.

BeeMail 5.00 Beta News

We've run into a problem with as we like to say, "BeeMail gets stupid."  It tends to forget what its doing and no respond to calls or events ... basically it just sits there.  No error messages or anything, so we're working on that. 

Again my sincere apologies to those who have followed me faithfully.


Respectfully Submitted...

Stephen W. Proffitt

The BeeMail Team
 (BeeMail Team: Me, Myself, and I)








From Janurary 15, Beemail is donation-ware. Please donate hardware, software, money to help keep Beemail Development going.

Make Checks Payable To:

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