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Who We Are
Helen Disney is Director of the Stockholm Network. She also writes regularly for the media and acts as a consultant to organisations with a public policy interest. Before running the Network, she worked as a leader writer for The Times of London and as a leader writer and commentator for the Daily Express. Visit her website.

About the Network

The Network aims to build and develop a formal network of academics, policy practitioners, journalists and business people who will exchange market-oriented policy ideas and reform strategies across the EU and beyond.


Representatives from think-tanks including: Centre for the New Europe (Brussels), Timbro (Stockholm), Paradigmes (Paris), Civitas (London). Thinkers and philanthropists, journalists, business people and policy makers.


Our work is practical in focus, looking at policy areas of common concern which lend themselves to comparative analysis from Social Security and the Social Chapter, Healthcare, Flexible Labour Markets and Pensions to Taxation and the future of the EU constitution.


A series of one day conferences held in the offices of the relevant think-tank or elsewhere. Each event assembles 4 or 5 panel speakers delivering prepared papers addressing different aspects of the topic for general discussion. Papers are also commissioned which may be published in various languages for world-wide distribution. Events so far have included seminars on social security hosted by Paradigmes in Paris, on flexible labour markets hosted by Timbro in Stockholm, on pensions at CNE in Brussels, on tax harmonisation in Frankfurt, and, most recently, conferences on the size and scope of Europe\'s underground economy held in Rome, healthcare and social insurance held in the Netherlands, diversity and choice within European compulsory education systems held in Paris and the role of risk and regulation in a global economy held in Copenhagen.


The first Stockholm Network paper was published by the Social Market Foundation in February 1999. In Millennium Doom: Fallacies about the end of work, Mauricio Rojas explodes the myth that the growth of a global market economy will exclude most of the world\'s population from the labour market. He argues that prophecies of millennium doom are unfounded and that, on the eve of a new century, mankind\'s creative potential is greater than ever before. Millennium Doom received press coverage across Europe including the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, La Repubblica, The Observer, the New Statesman and the Financial Times. Additional papers in the Stockholm Network series include: A European Harmony?, a short collection of essays on the consequences of tax harmonisation resulting from a seminar held in May 1999 and Reinventing Health Care, a collection resulting from a conference on social insurance held in February, 2000. All these publications can be ordered from Civitas on request.


Catherine Barr Windels
SN Patron

PJ Anders Linder
SN Patron

David Green
Director, Civitas:
Institute for the Study of Civil Society

Mattias Bengtsson
Director, Timbro

Elisabeth Lulin
Director, Paradigmes