Desktop Integration Bounty Hunt

Welcome to Round Two of the first-ever open source desktop bounty hunt!

The goal of this contest is to help improve the level of integration between some of the core components of the Linux desktop.

Our specific aim is to improve the experience of collaboration in the desktop environment. We believe that communicating and working with other people is not simply a function of a single application that sits in a rectangular window on your screen — Evolution or Outlook, for example — but one of the primary functions of a computer. Therefore, collaboration should be a first-class element of the user experience. In other words, it should be really easy for a GNOME user to talk to, share with, and work with their friends.

Below you will find a set of concrete tasks all of which are designed to improve collaboration in the open source desktop. Each task has a bounty associated with it. Your job is simple: choose a task, do the work, fill out the claim form, and collect the bounty.

Bounty Categories
Category Task Name Bounty
Calendar National, religious, event calendars $15
IM Gaim/Evolution presence integration $2000
Miscellaneous Improve Nautilus "Send to..." feature $1500
Addressbook Addressbook/videoconferencing integration $500
Addressbook "Me" $300
Addressbook Planner (formerly MrProject) integration $300
Mailer Implement a panel notification applet for new mail $400
Mailer Mailing list actions $500
Mailer Inline PGP support for evolution $250
Tasks Support export of tasks or other items to Excel (CSV) $300
Addressbook Choice of database for contacts back-end $250
Miscellaneous Evolution/iPod synchronization $500
Tasks Bugzilla tasks backend $500
Calendar Weather calendar backend $750
Addressbook Advanced LDAP Configuration $250
Documentation Outlook-Evolution dictionary $300
Calendar Publish your calendar $1000
Documentation Quick reference card $300
Mailer Ask user to make Evolution default mail app $100
Tasks Drag-n-drop task creation $300 OO.o slide view performance $500 OO.o slides side-pane $1500 OO.o Image Save $300 OO.o Calc - function precision $500
Calendar Default free/busy URI $300
Calendar Calendar attachments $750
Mailer Templates for new messages and replies $500
Mailer Language selection in composer $400
Mailer Better smiley substitution in the composer $200
Miscellaneous Drag and Drop between Gnome and Mozilla $300
Miscellaneous Make Evolution Use the gnome-icon-theme $500
IM Gaim drag and drop file transfer $400
IM Handle aim: links in Epiphany $100
Mailer Message receipts $500

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