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Flash Pass Ticketing System  




n What is the Flash Pass Ticketing System?


The Flash Pass Ticketing System is based on the principle whereby passengers can purchase a single ticket/coupon costing Php250.00 at any of the specified LRT/MRT stations and use it to avail of an unlimited number of rides per day on any of the three existing LRT/MRT lines during one calendar week.  Access and control shall be through the staff/service gates where station personnel will check the validity and authenticity of the Flash Pass.



n What is the Flash Pass Card?


The Flash Pass Card is a portion of the Pass that contains the photo, name and signature of its authorized user.



The Flash Pass Card with a unique Card Number shall only be issued once to a passenger.  The Card is strictly non-transferable.  The Flash Pass card is issued free to a passenger who buys a Flash Pass Coupon for the first time.


An application form needs to be filled out when availing of a Flash Pass Card.



n What is the Flash Pass Coupon


A dedicated and tamper proof validation coupon bearing the validity period (in one calendar week) of the Pass is to be purchased each week by the passenger.  Once purchased, the coupon cannot be used with other Flash Pass Cards.



The validity of the coupon shall begin on the Monday of every calendar week.  It shall only be sold from Friday to Sunday prior to, or during the Monday of, the applicable week.


The Flash Pass coupon can be purchased by the passenger for P250.00.



n Where can I avail of the Flash Pass?


The Flash Pass Card and Coupon can be purchased in the following LRT/ MRT stations:


System Flash Pass Card Flash Pass Coupon

LRT Line 1

(Yellow Line)

Central Terminal




MRT Line 2

(Purple Line)





MRT Line 3

(Blue Line)

Shaw Blvd.

North Ave.


Shaw Blvd.

Taft Ave.



n What are the advantages of the Flash Pass?

  • More economical for regularly transferring passengers

  • Convenient, handy

  • Honored by all LRT / MRT lines

  • Once a week queuing to buy coupon


n Rules and Policies

  • The Flash Pass Card is strictly non-transferable to other users.

  • The Flash Pass Coupon cannot be used with any other Flash Pass Card.  From purchase to expiry, the coupon is always partnered with the same card.

  • Tampering with the Flash Pass Card and/ or Coupon shall render the Pass invalid.

  • In no case shall a refund or discount be given to a passenger.  The cost of the Flash Pass Coupon is already greatly discounted.

  • An affidavit of loss shall be required before a replacement of a lost Flash Card can be issued.



For more information, please contact our Public Relations Office:

LRT Line 1 - 854-0984 / 854-0452 / 302-6721

MRT Line 2 - 647-3452

MRT Line 3 - 929-5347



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