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OSDL Data Base Test Suite Backgrounder


OSDL has created the OSDL-DBT suite of database workloads. These tests were created to help fulfill a need for open source workloads that relate to real world usage, stressing the Linux kernel in much the same way as production database applications.

Test descriptions

OSDL-DBT workloads are all open source, fair-use implementations of Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) benchmarks and are published using the Artistic License. These workloads implement only portions of the related TPC benchmarks. Since they are not complete TPC benchmarks, the results are not comparable to the results of any TPC audited benchmark.

  • OSDL-DBT-1 is based on the TPC-WTM, a transactional web benchmark simulating the activities of internet users using an online book store.
  • OSDL-DBT-2 is based on the TPC-CTM, an online transaction processing benchmark, simulating the activities of a wholesale supplier with geographically distributed sales districts and associated warehouses.
  • OSDL-DBT-3 is based on the TPC-HTM, a decision support benchmark consisting of a series of ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications.

The workloads are not reliant on a particular database although there are certain technical requirements, such as transaction management and the availability of an ODBC driver. To date, they have been implemented with SAP DB (http://www.sapdb.org).

Differences from the related benchmarks

The TPC benchmarks are used to create audited price/performance models for comparative and competitive purposes.

While inspired by the TPC benchmarks, OSDL has created these implementations as open source workloads to serve the needs of the Linux developer community in evaluating the performance and stability of the kernel as it evolves. To meet this goal and meet technical requirements of specific databases, the OSDL database test suite is not 100% TPC benchmark compliant. Results of tests with these workloads cannot be compared to the related TPC benchmark.

Use of these tests to do commercial comparisons is not recommended. They are intended for engineering exploration only. OSDL supplied results are prohibited from being used for commercial purposes.

Each workload contains specific documentation on the differences between it and its TPC counterpart benchmark. For more information, follow the link below to OSDL's web site.

Current implementations

The OSDL-DBT workloads are part of OSDL's Scalable Test Platform, an automated kernel testing platform. STP permits easy evaluation of performance and stability of the Linux kernel by allowing simple, web-based customization of stock kernels and running tests against them.

The entire suite is currently running in OSDL's lab with current results available on OSDL's site. These implementations can also be used for custom tests by developers upon request.

The source code has been picked up by a variety of open source developers for their own use, enhancement, and implementation.


For more information, visit the web links below.


OSDL-DBT tests, documentation, current results and pointers to relevant mailing lists:

OSDL's Scalable Test Platform:

The source code:

The Transaction Processing Performance Council:

The Artistic License:

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