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Ryszard Kapuscinski

Ryszard Kapuscinski was born in 1932 in Pinsk in eastern Poland. He was educated in Warsaw and at the age of twenty-three he was posted to India, his first trip outside Poland. His first book, The Polish Bush, stories of the Polish frontier, appeared in 1962 and was an immediate bestseller. He has since travelled widely throughout the Third World; storing up, as he once said in an interview, the experiences for the books that would come later. The first of these books, published in 1968, was based on a journey through Russia. This was followed by books on Africa, Latin America and South Africa.

His first book to be translated into English was The Emperor, based on the last days of Haile Selassie and subsequently made into a play produced by Jonathan Miller. His other books in English include Another Day of Life about the war in Angola, and Shah of Shahs, based on the Revolution in Iran. The story of his travels across the dying empire of the Soviet Union in 1989, Imperium and The Soccer War, his eye-witness account of the emergence of the Third World during his time as the Polish Press Agency's only foreign correspondent, are both available as Granta paperbacks.

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The Soccer War
The Soccer War is Kapuscinski's story, his eye-witness account of the emergence of the Third World.
During the year the Berlin Wall came down, as the empire convulsed and died, Kapuscinski talked to hundreds of ordinary people about their extraordinary lives and the terror from which they were emerging.


The Lazy River
from Granta 73: Necessary Journeys
Startled in the Dark
from Granta 48: Africa
Bolivia, 1970
from Granta 33: What Went Wrong?
The Snow in Ghana
from Granta 28: Birthday Special!
Christmas Eve in Uganda
from Granta 26: Travel
An Interview by Bill Buford
from Granta 21: The Story-Teller
Ryszard Kapuscinski talks to Bill Buford about being Poland's only foreign correspondent, the art of reporting and what it is like to witness 27 wars in 50 countries.
Outline for a Book that could have been...
from Granta 21: The Story-Teller
from Granta 21: The Story-Teller
A Tour of Angola
from Granta 20: In Trouble Again
Warsaw Diary: (Part 2: 1983)
from Granta 16: Science
Warsaw Diary
from Granta 15: The Fall of Saigon
Ryszard Kapuscinski
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