In our education section we will endeavor to provide the most up to date information associated with the technology of bread and bread making.

Our first efforts have been focused upon the updating of the "Bread and Bread Making" book, first published in 1941. This version has been designed to be user friendly, whereby the reader can print each chapter as they see appropriate, culminating a final 'text-book' source of information on the bread making process from the manufacture of some of the basic raw materials through to the packaging of the finished product.

The original book has been widely acknowledged for its practicality in explanations of a detailed process and we trust you find this electronic version equally suitable.

Since Mauri Brothers and Thompson's first involvement in the provision of published, 'hard-copy' information in the early 1940's, our association with educating both tomorrow's up and coming and today's professional baker's has been a priority.

Download either the entire Bread and Bread Making book (but please note this is a large file and will take some time to download), or download the specific chapter of interest to you.

Downloads (unsure about downloading PDF files? Click here.)

"Bread and Breadmaking" - full book (890kb. Please allow approximately 5 minutes for dial-up connections or 30 seconds for broadband users.)


Contents & Preface (140kb)

Chapter 1 (87kb)

Chapter 2 (555kb)

Chapter 3 (182kb)

Chapter 4 (109kb)

Chapter 5 (123kb)

Chapter 6 (76kb)

Chapter 7 (117kb)

Chapter 8 (154kb)

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