Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       12 Cauac, 12 Zip, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Ones, for there is much to tell you! The events for which we have been waiting so long are drawing ever closer. They will allow us to appear openly before you. They also signify that the dark night that long has surrounded you finally is over. Our role will be to prepare for first contact and begin to oversee the next crucial steps in your transformation. Our fleet and our many liaison teams will sincerely celebrate these developments. We look forward to your officials' formal welcome and to the many open meetings that we intend to hold with you. Our Motherships are ready, now, to receive you as our guests. Our scientists are entrusted to make a number of vital technological transfers. Moreover, we have arranged a special occasion to introduce the peoples of Agharta to their surface-dwelling cousins. We will abandon the many members of your last, dark cabal to their certain fate. We trust that you will deal with them in a fair and even-handed way. To assure that you do so, the Ascended Masters will be directing these operations.

      Heaven is very pleased with present events. Now, the last unyielding obstacles to your success are being removed. Our Earth allies are preparing the teams that will become the transitional regimes for a number of your major powers. This indispensable operation will last from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the government involved. This extraordinary shift in government, from war to peace and from concern over national interests to unprecedented cooperation, signals the dawn of a new and unsurpassed reality. By bringing to an end your present isolation, this reality will catapult you into a new galactic awareness. It, in turn, will terminate your isolation from the peoples of Inner Earth. The Agharta capital of Shamballah, located beneath the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, will welcome you to its main citadel. The Agharta Governing Council and its main liaisons intend to take part in our initial announcements. The time has come to unite your world and begin the process of shaping a galactic society for your planet and, eventually, for this solar system.

      Last year, we drew up a protocol on this matter that we shared with our Earth allies. These discussions formed a 144-page document entitled, "The Prerequisites for a Galactic Society", which will serve as your template in creating Earth's galactic society. Once the initial announcements have been made, we intend to distribute this pamphlet widely. We wish you to open a global discussion among yourselves concerning the contents of this document. Furthermore, the Governing Council of Agharta would like you to visit their realm to observe how their society operates. The ruler of Agharta and his council want you to speak openly about what you desire and what has been offered you. It is essential that a true democratic interaction occur, which will hasten the dawn of your new galactic society. Your society will watch as the planets of Mars and Venus are quickly 'terra-formed' and the lost world of Bellona (Maldek) suddenly reappears. Then, dear Hearts, you will send billions of your colonists to these new worlds, together recreating the Solis star-nation.

      This new star-nation will become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. The Intergalactic Union has designated your star-nation as a major conference site. We anticipate your solar system to be the location for a number of major treaties that are due to be completed and then signed. Also, because of the massive singularity in the Earth's core, Heaven intends to create a special galactic Administration for the Solis star-nation. This divine Administration will closely watch over and bless you. Heaven wishes you to know that you inhabit a totally unique part of physicality. You possess the energies that created this galaxy. They can be used to produce a special harmonic energy that will transmit positive acts done on Earth and amplify it throughout physical Creation. Thus, your planet is a natural meeting-place for all special events that can assist in unfolding the divine plan. We eagerly await the moment when these things, finally, can become a reality.

      In addition to all of the wondrous experiences you are having on many physical levels, you are undergoing a tremendous consciousness shift. This quiet spiritual revolution has reached the point where it is helping to underwrite your new reality. Never forget, dear Ones, that you are mutating into 'Homo Galactica'. A more integrated version of you, this galactic human possesses the ability to hold an open, meaningful dialogue with your True Self. That dialogue includes all of your physical essences, as well as your heavenly Councils and your heavenly Life-stream. Briefly, you are in full contact with who you are. Further, you fully understand your present life mission. This sense of purpose and of being connected allows you to interact at your creative best within your society. You are aware of your inner and outer sovereignty and respect the contributions of others. You live in proper rhythm with the unfolding of the divine plan.

      Above all, dear Hearts, your ever-rising level of consciousness plays a major role in our actions. Your global society is ready to transform. Heaven has watched this procedure carefully. It was, after all, their divine calls that brought our first contact mission to your shores more than a decade ago. In that time, this mission has learned a great deal about your situation. This knowledge has served us well. It enabled us to successfully negotiate the final addendum to the Anchara treaties, which concluded a seemingly endless series of galactic wars. Furthermore, they clarified the legal status of your solar system in the Galactic Federation. Now, your world is ready to take the next steps in its spiritual (consciousness) revolution. They will include our formal arrival and the distribution of unimaginable financial abundance.

      We in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light know how close you truly are to the manifestation of these unprecedented events. As we mentioned earlier, a major obstacle to your success has been removed. That block concerned your new financial system, and how power could be transferred to a number of designated, transitional regimes. Your last, dark cabal has taught our Earth allies many crucial lessons, involving the best ways to shift the existing power structure and reform your global financial system. This instruction has resulted in a wealth of increased formal cooperation with us. Our Galactic Federation liaisons, together with some very sound advice from your Ascended Masters, redressed these situations according to the directions of our Earth allies. Thus, the two significant events that will launch these announcements are about to unfold.

      Your global society is ruled by a small series of cliques (cabals) that, once, were closely intertwined. Now, a new balance of power is emerging. These new groups are much more responsive to this unparalleled shift in their reality. That shift is due, in large part, to individuals and groups that Heaven has incarnated on this world. Even those who are part of the power structure have sought ways to shine the Light on an exceedingly dark section of this realm. Thus, they created the circumstances that made possible the formation of our Earth allies and persevered, even when the last, dark cabal ruthlessly and cleverly played its powerful closing gambits. We wish to thank those allies again for their loyalty to this noble cause. We know that they will continue to exercise their new authority with Love, divine grace and true impartiality.

      Today, we have reviewed what is taking place on your world. A remarkable shift in your physical reality is now about to manifest in your midst. Significantly, these final changes only occurred as the result of an immense inner rise in your global level of consciousness. Therefore - prepare yourselves for some truly extraordinary events! We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the boundless Supply and infinite Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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