Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       7 Ahau, 13 Tzotz, 12 Manik        

Greetings, great Souls! We come from the bright Blue Light of Creation through the illustrious Blue Lodge of Lord Surea! We are the Nine! We address you at a most auspicious time. Your world is ready to change into Light and, in so doing, to move you to your unparalleled destiny! This moment demands that you be wholeheartedly centered on your Ascension and untiringly focused on the manifestation of a new reality. For a very long time, we in Heaven have watched you struggle with the dark and its crazed minions, who persist in their arrogance and disrespect towards the divine Will of Heaven. Our current announcement is meant to tell you that this situation has reached its appointed end. Lord Michael, together with all of the warrior Angels and divine Seraphim that sit at the throne of our divine Creator, Lord Surea, and Lord Kuwea, have come to alter this present, uneasy course of yours. Your existing usurpations and unnecessary sufferings have reached the point where they now must cease. Lord Surea has sent his most sacred attendants to aid your noble cause. That cause will bring you your divine freedom and return you to full awareness of who you really are.

      The divine Councils and sacred Administrations of Heaven grant you their full blessings, dear Hearts! Your re-transformation into physical Angels is a glorious act, fully approved and formally decreed by Lord Surea. Lord Kuwea, who graciously administers the Heavenly realms, also has decreed your inevitable success. Thus, the blessed triune Godhead, the very essence of the Creator, has offered the instruments that bring us here, to ensure that these holy intentions are duly manifested in this reality. Our return means that the forces of Light have won a crowning victory. That victory is only the beginning of events that will free you from the churning chaos that the dark has currently seeded upon your world. The dark bases its work on deception and on the flagrant abuse of its misappropriated power. Now, this relentlessly stubborn attitude of the dark's minions will be met, head on, by Heaven's strong desires for your liberation and for the full recognition of your inalienable, Creator-given sovereignty. To accomplish this, we have come in many forms to your most beautiful shores.

      The entirety of Heaven has sent its most wise and forceful disciples, while the Galactic Federation of Light has given us its most astute and powerful Science and Exploration (S&E;) fleet. These Beings surround Mother Earth with their Love and with a most graceful determination to free you from the whims of the dark. The time when the Light will return to its rightful dominion over the fate of Mother Earth and this solar System has now arrived. We greet you with this breath-taking news! We proclaim that a unique and radiant Light will descend upon your world. It will contain decrees of the divine plan, which will assure you that your time for the manifestation of a new reality has arrived. I, Lord Aescapulus, divine spokesman for the Council of Nine, hereby decree that such is indeed fully operational on this world! Dear Children, know, in your sacred inner hearts, that the Love of Heaven for you is boundless! In the sacred, divine plan, Lord Surea declares that a schedule for your liberation be ever-faithfully followed. This we are doing! At last, your time of tribulation has come to an end. The occasion for rapturous celebration has arrived!

     The wealth that some of you will receive will be both a test and a divine challenge. Heaven intends you to live up to your new responsibilities. This financial power is to be dispensed quickly by the chosen to the rest of the world. Similarly, existing financial powers are to be altered and new forces put into power that will assist you in this imposing global distribution. In fact, they will add their own to yours. This reorganization of your worldwide wealth is preparing the way for a new era of power on your world. This power will be people-based and lack the malevolent self-interest of your former secret rulers. Instead, the holy minions that comprise your divine Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods of Ascended Masters will guide these most sacred actions. These decisions will usher you toward unprecedented global abundance that, in turn, will lead you to a clearer awareness of your true mission on this glorious world. Mother Earth is most eager for you to fully understand your complex duties and what will be required of you to perform them successfully.

      As future physical Angels, you will take your place in physicality as defenders of the Light. In so doing, you will help to sustain this galaxy and ensure that the events destined for this reality unfold according to plan. Further, you will meet sacred spiritual Beings who have shed their physical forms and assumed the role of intermediary between physical and spiritual realms. These exceptional physical Angels are your kin. They wish you to know that they exist, and intend to be part of the divine order that is entrusted to mentor you. This divine knowledge takes many forms and embraces many ways for you to learn. It will lead you to the Akashic Records of this realm, and indeed of all physicality. You will need these records to carry out your sacred duties. Then, at last, you will know why you are here, and what you are capable of doing.

      These things are only a small part of your true spiritual essence. Dear Children, know that you are also representatives of the multitudes of Life-streams that comprise Heaven. Each of them, together with the infinite Ordering of sacred heavenly Councils, is located within the grand and intricate layers of Soul energy that is you. These energies shaped physicality in the name of Lord Surea and made it possible for the divine plan to be graciously unfolded. Your efforts in this regard will not go unheralded. Physicality encompasses darkness. Nonetheless, this darkness has a special purpose that is unfolding, now, in this galaxy and throughout this earthly realm. That purpose is to provide the means to instill in the Light the wisdom it will need to combine with the dark, thereby creating an even greater Light. This is the holy substance that will bring forth the next Creation.

      As Heaven's great Light begins its descent into the Earth plane, it radiates clearly visible signs of a new reality. Those signs, which include the hyperactivity of your Sun and your Earth's changes, foreshadow the inevitable emergence of your new reality. Everywhere, Heaven is offering proof of what we are doing. Only the messengers of the dark cast doubt upon, or hide, these events from you. The power of these current false messengers will be transformed by the shifts now occurring on your world. Dear Children of the Light: know that the Divine Will of Heaven is coming to alter what now appears so impossible to change. Do not doubt the Will or the powers of Heaven. Those who appear so entrenched in influential positions on your world are due for a great fall. Their capitulation will be attended by the rise of a new power that is meant to help you to make the transition to your new reality.

      The coming new reality will reorder what you think and are doing now. Every aspect of your present global society will change radically. Only the many cultures and languages of your world will remain. The present nation-state will be fundamentally transformed. Your acceptance of your personal sovereignty will alter, prodigiously, the current 'playing field' to one that most of you will not recognize. Moreover, the direct guidance of your Ascended Masters will bring their former 'hands-off' approach to an end. These kind and forthright followers of the Light will abolish the immorality of your world. Greed and abuse of power will no longer 'pay'. Your world's systems of organized religion will come face-to-face with the Truth. Divisiveness will give way to cooperation and peace. Now, as we have said, the time for celebration begins!

      Today, let us all dine upon the feast of Truth, which will return you to us! We exultantly proclaim the wondrous transformations of your mind, body and Spirit. Come, dear Children, and rejoice! Celebrate your true joys and experience your intense connection to each other. They are the fruits of your prolonged labors in this present realm. We now take our leave. Blessings to you all, dear Children! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the ceaseless Supply and boundless Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!) We are the Nine!

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