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REB 1100 / Rocket e-book Dictionary Project


Out of my own frustration for finding a suitable thesaurus for the REB1100 I sat down and said "Screw it ! I'll do it myself !" I'll convert a dictionary that can at least give me full definitions.

Using the Project Gutenberg's text of Merriam-Webster's Dictionary 1913 edition (last PG revision 1999) there are 125,970 indexed words. In comparison, there are 29,757 on the original Random House version that initially comes with the REB1100.

In my search, I could find no such attempt at a conversion of the dictionary for use on the REB1100. The main problem is that the HTML had to be completely re-edited for conversion which is the reason for the project. As for the conversion, the main headings were easy enough but there were subtle nuances to a dictionary such as subheadings, pronunciations, and quotes that had to be dealt with; sometimes on a one-on-one basis.

In overall comparison to current hard copy dictionaries, it's not as good as the hard cover edition of Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary that has 215,000 entries but it's better than the paperback hard copy version which has 75,000 entries.

Unlike the Random House version there are no abbreviated entries in this version of the Unabridged Webster's Dictionary 1913 edition which accounts for it's large size at 15.1 megabytes. It's large size hinders it as a browsable book and also poses a problem for some because of the need for a  a SMART MEDIA card that can hold it. The Random House Dictionary that initially comes with the REB1100 is about 2.5 megabytes; this was most likely done for conservative reasons as the most REB's have only 8 megs of storage and Nuvomedia wanted to have some room left over for books.

I took the whopping 35 megabyte HTML file from The Gutenberg Project and edited it for conversion to .rb format. Luckily, the .rb format compression is fairly liberal. I tried to clean it up the html as much as I could.

The REB1100 has some trouble recreating the correct pronunciation symbols. The REB1100 uses HTML 3.2 as a basis for it's character sets which does not contain all the necessary character codes and symbols to represent dictionary pronunciations.

Do NOT underestimate the size of this dictionary. It is huge !
In my experience the REB1100 has problems with very large e-books (using firmware 3.05) and this dictionary is no exception. For example "The King James Bible" has a tendency to crash upon page turning or searching and it is 2.5 megs. (On a side note, I highly recommend the "The King James Bible" at which has it's chapters neatly indexed). Because of the large size of this dictionary it WILL crash your REB1100 if you open and scroll it as a regular book. It works fine using the "Lookup" feature as you would in reading a novel; there should not be any problems using it in that manner.

I state that again, opening the dictionary as a REGULAR book like you would "War and Peace" or "Alice in Wonderland" WILL crash your Rocketbook/REB1100. This does NOT apply to the "Lookup" feature and it should run safely in that mode. So be forewarned.

IF you do decide to open it - and I know people will be curious and do so - be prepared to use the REB1100 reset button. I have had hard crashes/freeze ups when I tried to use the scroll bar to look for entries. The best way to manually search for an entry is to just use the REB's 'Lookup' feature in another book and type your word in.

A SMART MEDIA expansion card of 32, 64, 128 megabytes is recommended/required to use this dictionary.

I want to send props out to Wayne Davison for rbmake which was used for this conversion and Keith Duncan of for the server space and domain so people could get the file. Also props to The Gutenberg Project. Support The Gutenberg Project so more texts like these can be made.

Hope everyone has fun expanding their vocabulary with it. If you have comments or questions e-mail me at

-The K-Dawg


Version 2.0

*Indexed an additional 15,095 words for a total of 125,970 searchable words. The 'new' words were already contained in the original document. No new entries were added. The new indexing addresses the problems associated with subheadings. One example corrected is "automatic" which was a under the main heading "Automath". Some, but not all words with suffixes were also indexed.

*Corrected pronunciations. Where no substitute html tag was possible, the main letter was represented instead. (i.e.  é is just letter e)

*Quotes are now properly marked with quotation marks.

*The new indexing provides for a cleaner interface.



Download Version 2.0 here

Right  click above and "Save As"

Disclaimer :

By downloading this dictionary you agree to the terms below:

- Downloading this dictionary is under the sole discretion of the user and therefore the user takes the burden of risk for loading of this content on his/her device. Neither the editor of the html coding nor the server that it is carried on is responsible for the usage of this ebook edition.

- Neither Nuvomedia, RCA, or Gemstar is associated with this dictionary in anyway. Loading it unto your Rocketbook/REB1100 could cause damage to the Operating System and will most likely void your warranty and any service contracts you may be under. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

- Rocketbook/REB1100 is a trademark of RCA/Gemstar.