Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       3 Men, 8 Xul, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive, dear Hearts, with more to tell you! Many wondrous events are about to unfold. As you well know, the major announcements for which we all are anxiously waiting are soon to be made. The final procedures have begun. We expect that, soon, our presence here, and our benevolence, will be publicly revealed. Moreover, an enormous new grid for peace and abundant prosperity is manifesting on your world. This grid is expanding as a result of the unrestrained cooperation being shown us by several major groups in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. These groups, our Earth allies, are prepared to force a number of major regimes in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania to resign. Oceania, for those of you not familiar with the term, consists of the island nations of the Southwest Pacific - Indonesia and the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, as well as the many smaller islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. These diverse groups are coming together to form the infrastructure for your new reality.

      As these events divinely unfold, we remain ever watchful of the changes that each one of you is experiencing. In this regard, many of you wish us to be more dramatic in our weekly presentation. However, our mission here remains simply to give you a consistent overview, within reason, of what is occurring on your world. Regardless of what many may say, Mother Earth and your Sun are transforming. These changes are being made to create your new solar system. Thenceforth, this new environment can fully accommodate who you have become. Visualize it, dear Ones: you are on the threshold of full consciousness. You are close to having no limits in the way you can divinely alter physicality. Now, to realize this potential, you are taking your final steps through a complex transition. Likewise, Mother Earth is busily making herself ready for her coming shift into full consciousness. Thus, as we have mentioned many times before, Mother Earth's transformation is dovetailing nicely with your own. Indeed, the divinely-created timetable for their completion is proceeding as the divine plan has decreed.

      These changes are merely part of a more complex process laid out by the Creator to reveal this present Creation. As this project moves ever forward, it cements the factors that are required to manifest the necessary changes. Consequently, your transformation is inevitable. Exact details of the process are determined by your free will choices and by events initiated by the divine. Now, with these decisions, you are in the final stages of the process. Divine change is based upon the need for a new path in your consciousness. As your consciousness shifts, this 'new path' delivers you, succinctly, to an appropriate new reality. The new reality that you and Heaven have chosen is intended to be much different from that which you presently know. We have told you this many times, and can never overstate its importance. Your world, dear Hearts, is crumbling and, as a consequence, is creating a widespread and chaotic smokescreen. Her transformation needs our off-world assistance so that it can be completed according to divine schedule. For that reason, we came and began our first contact mission with you more than a decade ago.

     First contact is an operation that began in 1990 as a simple directive from the Sirian Regional Council; its scope was expanded when the Main Federation Council approved this action in 1991. This is history. Over the next decade, under divine guidance, we learned a great deal about your global society. That knowledge improved our understanding of how to work with our new allies from the former Anchara Alliance. In turn, the wisdom gleaned from these lessons enabled us to deal much more effectively with your last, obstinate cabal. Our galactic societies constantly seek out problems that they could possibly resolve in a creative way. The situation that exists now on your planet is a case in point. Many groups, on your world and off, are cooperating with the spiritual realm to put an end to that which is preventing the manifesting of your financial abundance and the rapid establishment of world peace. The result is a detailed plan that can bring you, creatively, the results you desire.

      This application of our shared creative potential will generate an energy that is simply unstoppable! It will make it possible for you to do what you must to achieve your victory. It will also allow our Earth allies to witness our dedication to this goal. First contact is the most momentous event in your 'recorded history'. It will let your global society see itself in a new light. But this act has consequences. Suddenly, your uniqueness, your true origins, even the truth of how your history was really created, will be brought into question. First contact will also introduce you to your Inner Earth cousins and, in the process, will challenge major presumptions surrounding your astronomical and geological sciences. Moreover, first contact will end your current fossil fuel dependency. It will introduce you to new energy technologies that can put a stop to your present cycle of pollution and create ways to aid the recovery of Mother Earth's endangered ecosystem.

      As your consciousness expands, it can alter the current hyperactivity of your Sun by assisting in the Sun's transformation. The result is a Sun that is a powerful monopolar magnet. As such, she is more able to transmute the near-infinite amounts of inter-dimensional energy and countless information packets that stream, each day, into this reality. Now, every cell in your body and, indeed, every aspect of this solar system is receiving energy and information from the heavenly realms. These special packets are crucial keys to your success as a living Being and your connection to the divine! Combined with your own complex genetic and Creator-generated Soul information, they produce you and your reality. Thus, there is a designated beginning for the events now unfolding and an inevitable time in which to be transformed.

      Transformation (change) is vital to the divine plan. Many times, Lord Surea has emphasized its significance to the revealing of the divine plan. Change, often, is surrounded by chaos and even a deep, mysterious sense of dread. In limited conscious societies, change of the magnitude occurring here is, more often than not, quite difficult. Frequently, it leads to either the quick extinction of a society, or its sudden flowering. Here on Earth, groups are working hard to cultivate this bloom. And they are succeeding! A new reality is appearing just below the 'water line', ready, at a moment's notice, to spring to the surface. These events' ability to manifest rapidly is our most important news item. Remain ever confident, dear Hearts, and know deeply that, at any moment, they could occur without warning.

      Clear intention is needed to manifest what you truly desire. Remain unswervingly focused on giving your detailed intentions to Heaven. This expression of your free will opens up endless possibilities for you, and for your society. Do not be discouraged. Let this joint effort continue and know that the process is powerful. It can change your life and even allow Heaven to carry out a given best possible scenario of the divine plan. Thus, you will assist in accelerating positive change and be part of what is truly inevitable. Never lose faith with your deepest positive intentions! Keep always in mind that you are a spiritual Being and that, as such, you have a 'direct line' to Heaven. You have a major role to play in these proceedings. Therefore, offer up what you can and be a necessary anchor for change.

      Today, we have discussed some of the events that are about to unfold. They will quickly alter your perception of this reality. Therefore, be vigilant and ever-ready to participate in this divine process. Know that, at first, what occurs will be largely disguised by those in control. Later, it will manifest and the Truth of its actual, positive nature will become more widely known. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the infinite Supply and abundant Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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