Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       4 Muluc, 2 Yaxk'in, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin, dear Hearts! We come before you with more to tell! Now that all is in readiness, awaiting the magic moment to manifest before you, we shall update you concerning what we are doing. Our many liaison and diplomatic teams continue to keep us informed of their activities. Our geologic and planetary observation craft, also, are constantly performing their assorted missions. Our medical teams are moving forward with their support missions, under the close supervision of your own angelic medical providers. Moreover, an enormous group of specially-selected diplomats, from more than 15,000 nearby galaxies, are personally observing events on your world. All of these developments have kept us extremely busy and quite eager for this first contact mission to reach its next stages, which will include physical contact with our fleets. Fleet morale is very high and we expect the announcements to be made very soon. These announcements will put an end to many false beliefs you hold with regard to our intentions and us. These false impressions stem from over 50 years of misinformation and outright lies spread by your major governments.

      This long period of mistrust and fear was abetted by the large-scale abduction programs that your secret government carried out, with the help of a number of then-dark, alien crews mostly originating from the star-nation that you know as Zeta Reticuli. This Southern Hemisphere binary star, a major Anchara Alliance resource station for this sector of the galaxy, was used mainly because its inhabitants were so frightening to you. In any case, these developments, added to a general media campaign that was meant to scare you, made you terrified of us. This continuing intimidation is still a warning to us when we deal with you on an open, global basis. We understand the depth of your fear and realize that our first few broadcasts will need to address and dispel these misguided emotions. To begin this task, we will take a global psychological profile every two weeks. We have been conducting these surveys for ten years. Our results show a tremendous global shift toward the positive - that is, widespread support for first contact, which began to show up in our sample polls nearly three years ago.

      We divided our global sample population into five major parts. Each of these segments reflects the cultural and financial divisions of your planet's society. The largest group consisted of low technology-based rural farmers and the small (under 10,000 in population) villages that supported them. Initially, this group surprised us by both the acceptance and the fear they had of us. Next were the larger farm communities in these same areas. While this segment began noticeably in fear of us, they are now one of our key 'swing' groups. Yet another is the smaller industrial cities of the globe. A steady positive leaning toward first contact has continued, unabated, over the past 26 months. Although workers in the large urban areas are still against first contact, this opposition is 'soft' and, with proper information, can be turned in our favor. The more informed professionals are divided on this issue. This opposition, however, while high, is also soft, and can be changed once they are given sufficient verifiable information. This brings us to the group we have watched most closely.

      Regularly, Heaven tells to us that Light Workers, although the smallest of the five groups, are the most important spiritually. Each of you incarnated to assist the other groups in becoming more spiritually aware of who they really are. You also came to bring about this first contact. Many of you in this broad-based, global community have either denied any information you have received about first contact, or stubbornly reiterated how first contact, supposedly, has compromised your inner self growth. At this point, we wish to repeat that first contact adds to, and does not hinder, your inner journey. We also are eager for you to know how strongly our positive ET factor is linked to the mission that Lord Surea has given to Heaven. That mission is to return you swiftly to full consciousness. This task possesses both a spiritual and a physical component. We represent the physical side of the journey. Therefore, dear Hearts, we are determined to keep you grounded, focused and on target.

      Your journey is being hindered by many dark physical Beings who banded together long ago. Their ancient cabal has done everything within its power to cause you to disbelieve or fear us. This particular scheme began with many religions and/or cultures, and these systems continue to form the foundation of their lies. Built upon it is a strong need to exploit your fear of the unknown and the different. We were astounded at the way this strong programming has broken down. Since we have surveyed your deepest physical, spiritual, mental and emotional selves, we have learned, first-hand, about your acculturation and how it limits your potential. Even in your deep sleep, these things rapidly become evident. The result is a strange fusion of your true feelings and your external ones. As these states integrate, your outer beliefs change. You grow in conscious awareness, becoming inwardly more accepting of even the most radical and positive of your ongoing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical alterations.

      It is important for these adjustments to be monitored because they are integral to your inner and outer changes. This is a responsibility of our medical teams. Since these alterations also affect Mother Earth and your reality, we combine all data holistically and use the resulting compilations to reach our conclusions. Your level of progress assures us how close first contact really is. Presently, nearly two-thirds of your global population approve of first contact in our nightly polling. Moreover, your growing levels of awareness ensure rapid progress toward the final chapter of this mission - full consciousness. At this point, we foresee a six- to fourteen-month interval between first contact and your relocation to your new subterranean residences. This time-frame will be determined by your resolve and your actions once the post-contact stages are reached.

      Our existence is a vital element in your spiritual and physical growth. As Light Workers, you need to regard us as your physical mentors. There is a spiritual component to this operation that affects both your mental and emotional selves. To deny us our existence and our place in this process is to negate your own very real experiences. You are not alone. You are also not alone in the way you achieve your growth. In this, you have many spiritual and physical guides or teachers. Many of them walk this Earth in one form or another, assisted by Heaven and by those of us whom they have chosen. From time immemorial, every major religious teacher has been granted these two types of assistance. Do not deny yourselves. Be openly willing to admit that these advisors are a vital part of your development on many different levels of existence.

      The area of so-called UFO studies requires a spiritual arm. This segment enables us to look beyond the technology and realize that advanced, enlightened societies are primarily spiritual in nature. This extends to their science and philosophical outlook. You, dear Ones, are moving from a society limited by fear and your inner, collective beliefs to one based upon Love and connectedness. This society to which you are destined is unlimited, and understands the true workings of physicality. The defining moment of your lives will be to experience first contact. In one fell swoop, you will move ahead toward your true destiny and release nearly 13 millennia of negative self-perceptions. It will be a miracle! Thus, our arrival will be both the end of a protracted history and the dawn of a most wondrous future. No wonder it has taken so long, and why this event is so important to us all! Together, we shall be victorious!

      Consider current events as stepping-stones to a new reality. Events that are now unfolding promise that this new reality will manifest soon. Mother Earth and Lord Sun wish you to know, as well, that their changes, also, are forging ahead. This is a time when we all will be able to see the triumphant end of our current journey. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the infinite Prosperity and perpetual Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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