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Netscape Gecko™ is a standards-based browser embedded in Netscape 7.x, Mozilla, CompuServe 7, AOL for Mac OS X, as well as other browsers. Netscape Gecko Central brings you specific information on these embedded browsers. Get the latest tips and release information by signing up for DevEdge News.

Netscape 7.1 is now available

Download Netscape 7.1, Netscape's fastest, most stable and best browser ever.

Netscape 7.1 adds Junk Mail Filtering, Internationalized Domain Names, SOAP 1.1, Rich Text Editing, NTLM authentication, a Developer pack with the Venkman JavaScript debugger, Chatzilla IRC client and DOM Inspector, support for Windows Media Player as an ActiveX control, with many enhancements to performance, E-mail and standards support. Netscape 7.1 is based on the 1.4 branch of the Mozilla Application Suite.

Learn more about Netscape 7.1.

Mozilla Hall of Fame

Mozilla and Gecko are the basis for a variety of products besides Netscape 7.x. Check out all the clients embedding these browsers. [go]

Certifying Your Website With Netscape Gecko Browsers

Get a quick introduction to Netscape Gecko-based browsers as well as hints for making sure your site works well with browsers based on W3C standards. [go]

Accessing Web Services In Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 1.4 Using WSDL Proxying

Learn how to access web services in Netscape 7.1/Mozilla 1.4 using WSDL proxying from JavaScript. [go]

How to Turn Off Form Autocompletion

This technote discusses how a web site can prevent Netscape Gecko-based browsers (such as Mozilla and Netscape 7) from remembering form and password field information in session history cache and also how to prevent the user from being prompted by the browser to store this information. [go]

The XSLT/JavaScript Interface In Gecko

Learn about Gecko's XSLT/JavaScript bindings and how to use the power of XSLT from JavaScript. [go]

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