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Get more information about CounterSpin's special two-part series "Poverty & the Press."

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  • Zeynep Toufe on Iraq "sovereignty" & Steve Rendall on NPR study (6/4/04)

  • Greg Mitchell on NY Times' mea culpa & Sheldon Rampton on Banana Republicans (5/28/04)

  • Amy Goodman on The Exception to the Rulers (5/21/04)

  • Jen Banbury on Abu Ghraib & Stephen Doig on newspaper diversity (5/14/04)

  • Marjorie Cohn on Iraq torture scandal & Joe Conason on Kerry coverage (5/7/04)

  • Rahul Mahajan on Fallujah and Greg Nojeim on Bush & PATRIOT Act (4/30/04)

  • Ali Abunimah on Sharon's plan & Jason Vest on Iraq occupation (4/23/04)

  • Lamis Andoni on Fallujah and Laura Flanders on "Bushwomen" (4/16/04)

  • Wenonah Hauter on gasoline prices & Richard Bulliet on Shia uprising (4/9/04)

  • Jim Pinkerton on Richard Clarke and Mel Goodman on 9/11 Commission (4/2/04)

  • Norman Solomon on 9/11 hearings & Richard Clarke and John Gorenfeld on Jack Kelley (3/26/04)

  • Jeff Cohen on Spanish elections & Jonathan Landay on INC & media (3/19/04)

  • Bob Somerby on Kerry coverage and Susan Moeller on WMD study (3/12/04)

  • Martin Bright on UN spying & Barry Lando on William Safire's errors (3/5/04)

  • Mary Turck on Haiti & Bob Dreyfuss on Iraq intelligence (2/27/04)

  • Marx Aristide on Haiti and Angela Campbell on FCC case (2/20/04)

  • Eric Boehlert on Bush/National Guard and Dean Baker on Bush's budget (2/13/04)

  • David Miller on Hutton Report and Katha Pollit on Judith Steinberg Dean (2/6/04)

  • Seth Ackerman on David Kay and Juliet O'Neill on Canadian reporter raid (1/30/04)

  • Eric Boehlert on Dean coverage & Norman Solomon on Katharine Gun (1/23/04)

  • Susan Ohanian on "No Child Left Behind" and Lucy Dalglish on the secret trial case (1/16/04)

  • John Stauber on mad cow disease and Celia Wexler on CPB board (1/9/04)

  • Best of CounterSpin 2003 (1/2/04)

  • Joe Conason on Bush coverage, Karen Charman on media & environment and Charles Hanley civilian casualties (12/26/03)

    Other recent shows include:

  • Jim Naureckas on Saddam's capture and Joanne Doroshow on Newsweek's "Lawsuit Hell" (12/19/03)
  • John Nichols on Democratic race (12/12/03)
  • Joel Barkin on FCC "compromise" & Helen Zia on James Yee (12/5/03)

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  • Listen to CounterSpin (in RealAudio):
    Louise Melling on "partial birth" abortion & Diana Zuckerman on FDA/implants

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    CounterSpin is FAIR's weekly radio show, hosted by Janine Jackson, Steve Rendall and Peter Hart. It's heard on more than 125 noncommercial stations across the United States and Canada.

    CounterSpin provides a critical examination of the major stories every week, and exposes what the mainstream media might have missed in their own coverage. Combining lively discussion and a thoughtful media critique, CounterSpin is unlike any other show on the dial.

    CounterSpin exposes and highlights biased and inaccurate news; censored stories; sexism, racism and homophobia in the news; the power of corporate influence; gaffes and goofs by leading TV pundits; TV news' narrow political spectrum; attacks on free speech; and more.

    "You should tune in to CounterSpin, the program that sees things and says things about the media you'll see no place else."
    --Ben Bagdikian, author of The Media Monopoly

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  • CounterSpin staff:

    Janine Jackson (jjackson@fair.org)
    Steve Rendall (srendall@fair.org)
    Host/Producer & Distribution:
    Peter Hart (phart@fair.org)

    CounterSpin is recorded and engineered at Mercer Media.


    • Mumia Abu-Jamal: Leonard Weinglass on 20/20's slanted coverage (December 11, 1998)
    • Micro Radio Discusion: Peter Franck & Barbara Olshansky on micro-radio broadcasting and new proposals at the FCC (2/5/99)
    • China Spying?: Stephen Schwartz on the Cox Report (5/28/99)


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