Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society

Dan Gelfand/The Hoya
“FREEDOM OF THE PRESS”: Editor Daily (Michael Benz, COL ‘04).

Georgetown’s first performing arts group, Mask & Bauble, is also the nation’s oldest active collegiate theater troupe. Founded in 1852, the group’s long history is rich with details and quirks. The group was extremely popular during the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, often performing in the White House. After an almost dormant period during World War I, Mask & Bauble reorganized and began casting women in 1934. In 1975, upset by the lack of theater space on campus (something that still sounds familiar 27 years later), the group built themselves a theater in stealth over spring break. Though the administration forced them to disassemble it immediately, they succeeded in securing performing space in 1976. — Michael Balz

Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society proudly wears the badge of oldest college theater group in the United States and is the only troupe at Georgetown to produce musicals. They usually produce more classical theater and have a reputation for technical prowess. — Melissa Anelli